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Therapy of Life : Manasi Kawade

Hello! I am Mansi Kawade. I’m a Respiratory Therapist by profession and a Model by passion. My profession makes me care for those who come my way, I help them to breathe and save lives with the skills and knowledge I pursued. Also being a model and Love for Fashion brings joy and happiness. Balancing this two satisfies my soul as my profession helps me to bring happiness to many lives and my passion brings happiness to me.

This journey was never easy until the support I got from the people I’m surrounded with. It was always a dream to be a fashion model but never thought it could ever happen. As I was a dancer and never been into modeling, I had participated in the dance show of the Pune Festival where I met my mentor Ms.Jui Suhas Ma’am and Mrs.Supriya Tamhane Ma’am, where I got familiar with the fashion industry as I got to know about Miss Pune Festival.

Along with Miss Jui Suhas, Mrs Supriya Tamhane 

I started the journey of modeling when my mom insisted I participate in the pageant. Initially, I got rejected many times in many of the shows and which made me feel I should quit. But as I said the people whom I’m surrounded with are my friends and my ladies ( mom, mom’s sister, grandmother) encouraged me not to give up and believe in myself.

During Mr and Miss Personality 2022 along with Mr Ajit Shiddhaye 

I decided to give this a last chance and then I got to know about Mr & Mrs. Personality Pune in 2019. This was a turning point in my journey of becoming a model as I got selected and was a finalist. Also, I met my mentor Mr. Abhyangh Kuvalekar sir, and the journey of becoming a model began. It was always a dream to learn from sir. And I’m grateful to have my mentors through this journey. Abhyangh sir who has been the most important part of this journey not only helped me to be the best version of myself but also taught me to balance my profession and passion together. He is the most positive, energetic person I ever met. From boosting me in my low time and making me believe in myself, his teachings help me not only in the journey of passion but also in the professional journey & journey of life.

With Famous Actor , Director, Fashion Choreogrpaher Grooming Expert Mr Abhyangh Kuvalear

This year is lucky for me. I was in top 10 of Miss Pune Festival 2022.

Jui Ma’am for me is an example of a strongest woman. Rising after every failure is what I have learnt. Miss Pune Festival would never be this amazing if it wasn’t Jui Ma’am. Her efforts of making us look best on stage, helped me to make myself better and to grow more in the modeling. Today when I look back, the Change in my personality and appreciation from my mentors and my dear ones keeps me going.

Balancing this passion for modeling with my profession was possible because of my colleagues who supported me throughout. Managing my duty shifts, encouraging, and dreaming my dreams, was the best thing that could ever somebody could do for someone. This journey of success is not my success but it’s our success and I feel success not only comes with hard work or dedication but it also comes from the guidance, appreciation, love, and support we get from the people we are surrounded with.

I have my mentors, my family, and my friends who played a vital role in this journey. I must thank them all for being in it and helping me to live my dream. It wasn’t easy but these people made it possible and the success journey has just started, I won’t say this is a success but these are the initial chapters from my book of success. “Ek Zindagi meri 100 khwaahisha ek ek mei Poori kara” and when all these dreams would get complete I’ll be successful is what I feel. I believe, nothing can stop you from dreaming, just work for your dreams the universe will make it a reality.

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Gratitude note for "Dear Ones "

Family:- My Mom: She has been the strongest pillar and supportive throughout. She not only encourages me but criticizes me so that I can be much better than yesterday.

From left Priti Tungar, Seema Birjepatil, Manisha Kawade

My Maasi 1: (Priti) my second mom Like who was the first one who insisted me to follow my dreams. From giving me tips to sending me every detailed thing just to be updated. She also helped me to groom myself. Suggests me everything what to wear and how to present yourself.

My maasi 2 (Seema): she is my best friend, my go to person, my all time cheerleader. No matter what she tries her best to give all her Love and pamper me everytime I needed. Whenever I feel low, my stress reliever person she is.

Friends:- Diksha Rathod, Jeevan Matre : the most important people in this journey. Nobody could ever do that they have done for me since day 1 we met. Whenever I could go for auditions, shows I could miss the lectures and classes. These two were the strongest supporter and helper. From helping me in completing my notes and assignments to teaching me and preparing me for exams even though our specialisations were different. They took efforts for me to also balance my studies and also follow my passion.

Left Sushant Matre, Vaishnavi Deshmukh, Prashant Ingale, Jeevan Matre

Prashant Ingale:- Who is also a fitness model and an actor helps me to stay focused and suggests me and shares his knowledge of modeling and acting. His consistency, efforts and never giving up attitude and believing yourself is what inspires me the most.