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Dr. Purnima Kulkarni - Beyond the Dream

"I had a dream. This dream would often flash in my inward eye reiterating that one day I would teach, train and transform the lives of students by adopting quality initiatives in higher education. Yes, I had a dream. A dream of writing and curating spiritual books and sculpting the minds of aspiring authors.

I lived my dream when I resigned from St. Mira's College for Girls, Pune after ten years of dedicated service. Yes, I chose the road less travelled, and that made all the difference. I could easily continue with my government job and earn a handsome pay packet, but I took a risk at the peak of my career. In 2016, I started my own Institute called Discourses: A Centre for English Language, Literature, Personality Development and Creative Writing. I received enquiries from all age groups.

 Dr. Purnima Kulkarni addressing the students of Victorious Kids International School, Kharadi.

My mother, Rani Trivedi, the Former Principal of J.N.Tata School, Nagpur, also joined Discourses as the Senior Teaching Facilitator. It was heartening to see homemakers, working professionals, and students attending classes with elan. They gave excellent feedback about our innovative methods in teaching English and appreciated our indefatigable efforts in enhancing the linguistic competency of the students.

Dr. Purnima Kulkarni with the Internationally acclaimed Choreographer, Dr. Sandip Soparrkar 

During the nationwide lockdown, I thought of publishing my write-ups and poems.

My Anthologies of Poems: Assorted Plumerias, Permutations and Combinations of Love and Autographs from Heaven received great love from the literary circles. Then I came up with my dream project... Krishnashtak Anthology: A book celebrating eight aspects of Lord Krishna. I was overjoyed to interview my Mentor, Dr Nitish Bharadwaj, the veteran actor who played the role of Lord Krishna in B R. Chopra's Mahabharat. I was buoyed and privileged to publish his interview in Krishnashtak, researched and edited by me and my literary partner, Shri. Anoop Pandey. Krishnashtak was released by the General Manager of Western Railways, Shri. Alok Kansal in the presence of illuminating personalities from the Film Industry, Dr Sandip Soparrkar, Model Guru, Sonia Mayers and Thespian, Shri. Abhijit Lahiri. The book reached the renowned filmmaker, Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi and spiritual leaders from ISKCON Juhu and ISKCON Girgaum, Mumbai.

Dr. Purnima Kulkarni with the Hon. Commissioner of Police, Shri. Amitabh Gupta

Dr Kulkarni wrote 108 poems on Lord Ganesha and came up with a one of its kind Anthology called "Aum Gan Ganapataye Namah." Her article "Airborne to Chairborne" featured in an International Anthology called The Force Within Us dedicated to armed forces. Five of her Hindi poems were published in "Dabe Paon" a treasure trove edited by Dr Pragya Bajpai.

Dr. Purnima Kulkarni at Scholarstree Presents Aspiring to Inspiring Edition 2022 at Symbiosis Auditorium , Viman nagar  ,Pune  

Mrs Rommal Surana of Nanha Gyan foundation invited Dr Purnima Kulkarni and her Mother Rani Trivedi, for a rendezvous on her iconic page. Dr Purnima, who is also a Change Maker is active on the Commissioner of Pune's Twitter handle. She met him in person at the Umeed Awards held at Trinity International School. She was invited as the Commisioner's Guest on Maha Ashtami, where she participated in a cultural programme hosted by the Lady Police officers.

Dr. Purnima Kulkarni with Financial  Advisor Omkar Rakhunde , Advertising Creative Director  Prachetan Potdar and Famous film Critic Neel Deshpande

Mr Prachetan Potdar, founder Stay featured invited Dr Purnima Kulkarni to be a part of Scholarstree Presents Journey: Aspiring to Inspiring Edition 2022 held at Symbiosis Viman Nagar on the 11th of September, 2022, where she got an opportunity to narrate her awe inspiring entrepreneurial journey. She addressed the Educators from various sectors and left the audience mesmerized by her gift of the gab.

       Dr. Purnima Kulkarni at the Commissioner's Office

Dr Purnima Kulkarni promises to empower students, working professionals, Police Officers, Teachers and Educators in various aspects like Public Speaking, Personality Development, Group Discussion, Interview Skills and Soft Skills.

       Dr. Purnima Kulkarni with her latest Anthology of Poems

Her motto is

"I teach, train and transform!"

Her Skillsets are

1. English Language, Literature and Communication Skills Expert

2. Motivational Speaker

3. Soft Skills Trainer

4. Author and Creative Writing Expert

5. Public Speaking Coach

6. Stress Management Guru

7. Personality Trainer

8. Research Scholar

9. Master of Ceremony

10. Change Maker

You can contact her

Contact Details ( Strictly Professional Purpose )

WhatsApp: +91 9764066777


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