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The Young Boy As a Content Creator- Himanshu Yadav

Hello everyone,

Special thanks to “stay featured” and "SMMH" for giving this wonderful opportunity.

My name is Himanshu Yadav. I am 17 years old, a student of ‘Association of certified chartered Accountant ‘from Udaipur, Rajasthan and currently working on my startup “Scale-up me Media ''.

I’m Rajasthan's youngest student to clear 2 papers of ACCA in class 11th. It was only possible with the help of 'PFC EDUCATION UDAIPUR'.

I was focusing on my profession but making people laugh was my hobby, so I started my meme page on 21st April 2020. With the help of my page, I want to showcase my talent of creating memes, editing funny videos, and crossover with the help of my page. And I named my page “@memes_wale_chacha” and now most of you call me as ‘chacha”

I started the page in hope of getting followers likes and popularity. But the starting days were pathetic. I don't know what to do. I just pick up my phone and post memes. But after some time I went through the various meme pages and understood how to post. So, I worked hard and joined various groups taking advice from various people and the day came when I reached 1k followers but that was not enough. So I started thinking one night how good 10k followers look on a page.

I created a target to reach 10k followers before my birthday which is on 13 December. And that night changed everything, that I used to only study and post memes that's all so when I reached 3k followers the graph rapidly went up I started getting thousands of reach per post and I was so happy. When I crossed 5k followers the messaged pop a man who asked me would do a campaign with and II was like 'what is it about?, he replied ' you have to work with big OTT platforms' for ex - AMAZON, HOTSTAR, ALTBALAJI, MX PLAYER. That moment I can't explain. It was such a lovely moment from that scenario. I was 100% confident in myself. With help of creating and editing, I was also working with a firm is “RAHUL PLACEMENTS COMPANY” they hired me for creating templates for their company

The director trained me for the future by explaining how the industry works, how to behave, and they taught me a lot of things. I used to earn money and I was completely able to manage my own expenses. Now having more than 11k followers working with various firms and currently working on my new startup and gained all of these things at the age of 17 years. My small dream was completed. Life is not just about ups. I have gone through downs a hundred times and I have failed a hundred times. I was kicked out a hundred times but I believed myself and worked with full determination and it definitely works. I also excelled in my studies and gave time equally to both studies and my page. There are only 24 hours allotted to each and everyone and it's upon you how you utilize it. Always believe in yourself. At that time I didn't have good friends. I was alone but that reminds me how strong I ‘am my inner power was beyond the level. The journey was not easy but it teaches a lot. Always believe in yourself.

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