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An Engineer turned Content Creator : Radhika Seth

I would firstly thank "Stay Featured" for giving me an opportunity to share my journey with everyone

My journey is not a long one because I started with my influencer journey just back in Feb 2021

I wasn't blank or clueless which is there with most of the content creators and influencers. I knew that planning, putting and executing in the right way is the only key to success. The initial phase went into a lot of brainstorming sessions with my own self, research on what is happening in the field at present, it's necessary to be on place otherwise we'd lose a long leap.

Then came the most interesting phase that was testing, till now had not transformed my account into a professional but made it public and came up with 3 posts that's needed to start the journey.

Why 3 posts? to broadly understand my category of work for the future. I came up with styling, makeup and lifestyle. The response took a little longer than I expected

Felt like taking a step back then suddenly one night spent understanding which category out of 3 got me the most insights and went on creating more content in the same.

And my decision of going back came down as I started to get people to interact and like my content

Then I came into full-fledged at least one mode to create atleast one piece of content every day and put it up.

The next important phase was to understand Instagram insights and act accordingly, slowly and steadily I began to act on it.

Started to post when my audience was most available also what my audience was willing to see and who was my Audience, and as it is rightly said *Slow and steady wins the race, I gained my first 1k Family.

Initially wasn't very clear with the idea of Collaboration, but then on advising myself from some previous creators, I went on to collaborate with a fashion brand and switched on my professional account.

Coming up with the first brand's post, the amount of love and support I received was tremendous and overwhelming, more and more collaborations came my way.

Lately, I started doing a new experiment of series/episode for a particular thing, can be an outfit, product or brands.

My collaboration with AHMP was a very helpful phase in my growth, I went on to gain more attention from other opportunities and growth

Vaibhav has been such a dear person to me throughout and also even after, he made me introduce to so many other deals through SMMH

The journey of almost 4k family wasn't so smooth, there was a phase where I couldn't get time from my job to create a new look or to put up Content for a long while.

With the second wave of Covid things weren't the same anymore now, this time all social media content creator could do was to amplify request, needs or any medical conditions and this phase also made me do a bit of my social help as well as creating something to keep people sane and have something for them to take a break.

I'm open to all sorts of brand and content, haven't restricted myself to just the fashion industry but have gone ahead with lifestyle as well as health Content and have also received a request from my followers for a specific piece of content and have satisfied them with my work.

I belong to a Business family where most of the days are spent struggling and fighting for livelihood and this taught me to be the fighter to win the race, my parents have been a guide to me on all my decisions and yes that's also a key factor of my progress.

An advice to all those newbies that please just don't jump into the field of content creation and influence because it isn't that easy deal, learn from already settled creators or grown creators and see how they paved their path to success.

Don't think of it as a cup of tea because that also requires dedication and commitment. You will not grow overnight and you'll never again in a go.

Good things take time to learn, educate yourself understand your niche and deep dive to working hard because that's the only solution to great results, and yes patience is the ultimate deal!

Thinking of joining any profession without adequate knowledge is useless and similarly, your education is also very important if you compromise on that you'll have to compromise the whole way to get a reach your goal.

I hope my journey can be a source of inspiration for all newbie influencer and content creator and also a learning lesson.

I'm free and most happy to help anyone.

Work hard and keep hustling you will win for sure!

if you want to stay connected with me, these are the links

Instagram link

Facebook link


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