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Meet Social Media Content Creator - Sultan Shaikh

Introduction of "Sultan Shaikh" in his own words

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to Stay Featured for this Beautiful Opportunity.

. I am fresher here I am Student of BCA, Graduated From Shahada City Dist. Nandurbar.

I was Focusing on my profession but As Posting Photos and clicking was My Passion and uploading it to an Account Is just The Best Thing for me.

And Now As There Is Lockdown Everywhere and Pandemic Situation is going on so as everything is and remain Closed Uptil A long period so as this time I started to pick my Freelancing profession again as it Influencer and I love to Perform such daily activities With My social Duties.

And Such After Influencing more and more people to my account and engaging with them So brand started. Reach me.

Then they started approaching me and I started using their products and then thought of sharing my view about the same on my Instagram Handle with Audience.

And I love to share my response with them also I happy as An Influencer it's Great to be An Influencer as in Such.

Question and Answer Sessions

Question NO.1---

People tend to see influencers as significant people in their lives and give a lot of credence to their recommendations. how do you deal with this responsibility and pressure?

Answer No.1

As to being As Responsible Influencer to influencing people up to me the trust is very important with followers they are not just Followers they are my family With whom I am sharing/Recommending them That valuable Thing which Is been handed me by the person who knows the value of that thing more than me it's not just a normal thing it's Care For Family

As in a Social way, it's a product to share with care.

Although The product should be served to my followers/family with love because someone made it for helping others and taking some working and maintenance charge

So as it is very important to serve that product out to my followers/family that they should use they should include it in their life Why Because it's not just product it contacting someone's hard work and Dedication.

As dealing with this Recommendation of product problem is very major and core point of an influencer's life where He needs to choose the product which is 100% safe, Durable and Useful that after using that people should say "the Product was Unbelievable and Really affordable"

So just to grab this sentence it is very Important and pressure for an influencer, he needs to follow Those safe, affordable, useful stages

Before Publishing the Particulars. hence to deal with them is to Use the first Check first and Think first is the major stage to implement in daily activity as an Influencer.

Question NO.2---

Do you believe an influencer is an entrepreneur? Share your personal experience accordingly

Answer No.2

I Believe an Influencer is an entrepreneur why because it's like the water for a thirsty crow.

For ex: Entrepreneur has their own business and needs to depend upon the people/customer for reach and availability. same as here We have the stock we need to do good for people and we Get some incentive as per that as same we are providing Our service or selling our services. its type a self-based business. I select Influencing upon business why because I need to use social media continuously and daily and it was difficult to go through it and manage or to initiate business and due to current strategy it will be very challenging said By my family so I think about such points said my mother and father and I choose to be an influencer over entrepreneur but after going deep down gotta know that both are partially Same as much.

I would like to share one of my Sad Experience as an influencer just a year ago my Personal account With 40k+ followers got hacked by some foreign Website

Actually, it was just made to trap Influencers Accounts and they said that They give a paid campaigns to Influencers about to just share the poster on human life and safety, I was already going on collaboration with other brands and then I thought that why should I not try this out and it's good to spread positivity and good deeds for humans so they said me to visit There site and get myself Register over there. I have done the same but after some couples of the week, my account started giving trouble regarding security and privacy policy also unwanted Instagram community Guidelines breakdowns. And after some time, I got automatically logged out at late night was sleep I don't have an idea that what will I face or what is gonna be take place in the morning, then in the morning I was unable to log in I was very stressed about this situation and I contacted professionals some of my SMM Helper to get me out from this problem also informed Instagram throughout feedbacks and emails but no response from them then after examining all things one of my SMM(social media marketer) said that it's a fishing site where I logged in and it was just a webpage to fetch out my credentials and they hacked my account and changed it and after that, I don't know what they did with it but after many tries, I break out my linked Numbers, mails, etc.

And started this account as a new journey but believe what..?, It's going fantastic as brands know me and about my Work so as there was nothing changed or tough thing to deal after new account brands are giving me campaigns work promotion also my Followers family support me too and such I wanna say that Its just life thinks to take your test and you need show your skills to deal.

And as it's going fabulous as it was thanks to brands and My followers family.

Question NO.3

What’s your definition of an ‘influencer’?

Answer No.3---

According To my Definition of 'Influencer'

Is not as short to describe it's too long but as it's " A True platform to give heights to business, project or Ideal works. And reach to the public base with different Areas and state of mind and introducing the Respective to them as which they will definitely try out the following and get experience as why they will because of the influenced energy by the Influencer and definitely there's double triple profit in this process as I will open everything here In locally

The Brand will Reach out to the public base and corner.

Peoples will Get the best product or respected thing at an affordable price with good and tested Quality by the trust of Influencers and the introduction created between these two main consequences "Influencer" will also get some love and monetary help also the testing and Trying out for pre-publish as this is the stage where everyone is happy and handle profits.

These are what main Steps and points to get figure out.

Question No.4

How did you overcome your biggest failure?

Answer No. 4---

But being an Influencer is not like that you always get Love and Positive Popularity just keep in mind if you are going to new heights definitely a failure is waiting for you somewhere as anytime anywhere and anyone will be the failure which enters in your Ongoing social life.

You need to face that Problem or failure then you need to learn, get the experience and note down the ways and step which help you out because every time there's no Rain we need to store or plan something. Here I would like to share something with you about my personal failure. Due to My Hacked Account It was very difficult to start it from zero I didn't mention my followers they were a total of 40,000+ So After that Many Ongoing campaigns from Brands and it was signed for 2-3 months And much brand Has done some features and Mentioned as Ambassador and promoter so after that the situation was like I don't have followers and Engagement.

And after that when brands realised that my Account is not Visible Anymore. They started to mail me and to reached Me And They Already paid and signed the campaign and many of were Didn't paid me because the campaign was remaining up to 35%-70% so I need to drop all campaign even prepaid or postpaid. The main topic is that the image in front of the brand was clear and legit so I need to maintain my repo. I was very tensed then I decided to reach the back and written down the current situation going on so then many of brands allowed me to Resume the campaign and collaboration and also supported me then I committed that again I will provide the best service as more than previous one and now I am feeling that I achieved it.

Thanks to brands and peoples who supported me in my bad times.

Question No 5

What is the best collaboration that you have done with a brand?

Answer NO 5---

As before when I was just a normal user of Instagram I don't know about Influencer or collaboration/promotions then one of my friends said me to share their painting on a story as well as post and also ask interested people to buy it. As then he said to me that he will share 10% of the selling amount with me, slowly his paintings started to give a good response and best selling price. Then we made Deal for Paid collaboration and as such, I gotta know about Influencing and promotion

After that, I followed niche for my account and maintained it Easy eye contact with peoples so one day I Seen An Article on My OS section where I always use to see Technical and market News, I Seen A Brand from Brazil initiated their business in India and also soon they will start their advertisement so I searched more about them and reached out to the E-mail and written down a proposal for Paid collaboration, then after some days I got a reply from them and they asked me about myself and what I can do for them as a good boost to the product. Then I explained to them all procedures about Influencers and collaboration then I made them trust and believe what I said that will be delivered then After much Research on my account and studies on Engagement they Accepted my proposal them they provided me with their Hampers for publishing and Exploring about it. After one month they realise it's Great And Convenience to Run Campaigns and they Paid me a Good amount and Also they started to Provide me with newly launched items their events invitation and that was my first and Successful Collaboration with that brand and also then after that I started to get barter Collaborations paid as well it was like an experienced Influencing tag for me and I Will never forget it.

Question NO.6

What goals should we set for each of our social media accounts, and what does success look like?

Answer No 6---

I like to say you peoples that don't just use your account let them make something new make your account look eye-catching as in a proper way to say is that maintain daily Your account and One secret to get Popular or viral on social media are you just need to read and get knowledge about there terms and community guidelines after that Study about their SEO's like how they Work what they know and what they take to get heights. After much study, I am sure that no will stop you to be popular but also your content plays the most important and primary role Just follow your niche(Theme) don't post anything post a particular and followed Theme or niche then don't lose hope Try your best and get Engage with your accounts people and attract other to visit your page and support micro users which have low level than you. And lastly, make your account responsive how? Just As you post your audience should react as a way of it and it should be quick so make habit of that on your audience. Always set goals and when you will near to achieve make it more and keep following such in as this loop definitely expect needful you get the things which you won't expect don't keep in mind that you want to earn keep in mind you want to deliver your services to needful and Be active Daily on your account and follow the steps which I mentioned above.

Because as I got my first payout and after that, there were 2 brands which were also Accepted by me and when I kept the amount of the promotion in my parent's hand They said me What is this and from where you got it? Why they asked this because at that time I was a student and just use daily my mobile after college gets over. then I showed them my accounts and posts they said to me this is good but how you Got much money then I said them to sit with me I explained about Influencing and promotion also about brands and How Advertisement runs.

And also The product which was started to get delivered to me. Then my parent said this is what you do daily with your smartphone and guys They were Very happy even they were smiling and said that it's good that you are doing someone's help and getting paid. It's good to work keep going and then slowly after some month, I got independent about many of my financial works. And my parents started to help me in my work also they stopped saying that no to use of a cellphone. Then I started to support my parent with financial aid. And they were very happy and started to bless me and really guys that's what success looks like and after that not only my family was happy but also my friends and relatives too.

So always follow your dreams don't stop work pending in between also try. And as one day you will also face such success or more better than me.

Question NO. 7

Before concluding this interview, what would like to say to your followers and fellow influencers? Share your account details with our readers...

Answer NO.7---

I Am Happy About This Opportunity given By Stay Featured, The platform where I Got Some Strength That How to Deal With Failure and how to Make The Base Strong Again or as if new so it will be a support to you and also stay featured platform is great exposure if you are looking to learn and know about the social media marketing and using to make your needs get fulfilled as after such above discussed failure I would like to show you I am as same as you but just you need to get know yourself perfectly.

Instagram Handle Link -

WhereAs I would also like to share MY AMAZON VERIFIED INFLUENCER PROFILE it's verified from the time of My Old Id

Amazon link

And success means Smartwork Not Hardwork If it Is so today the labour would have to a very successful person in the world so always keep trust in yourself keep moving don't depend on anyone because we need to find success not it will get you instantly.

So Guys Take Care And Don't Lose Hope '

Thank You " Stay Featured" For Your Lovely Concern.


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