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The ways of thinking will not change until we change it : moral of 4th Chapter of Colloquium Series

Team Stay Featured is feeling proud to bring an exclusive coverage about Positive Thought Consulting & Training Solutions, who presented its 4th Chapter of Colloquium Series

Continuing with the legacy of power-packed Talk shows, Positive Thought Consulting & Training Solutions, presented its 4th Chapter of Colloquium Series (Global Conference) on 26th September 2021 at 6:00 PM IST via Zoom. As well as the same was featured on "Facebook Live" on the official page of "Positive Thoughts".

"Positive Thoughts Family" is a global community of Pan India and around 40 worldwide countries on a mission to learn, connect, share and bridge the gap between brands/organizations/nations and for "Stress-free Education and Healthy lifestyle". Works on the mission of Empowerment.

This elite executive community is for all like-minded positive speakers, coaches, educators, practitioners, writers and entrepreneurs from around the world to share their success stories by empowering & inspiring each other.

Today in this Chapter 4 they discussed the topic "Global Learning in Expanded Learning Time".

The Esteemed Panelists invited for today's talk show were - Dr Pramod Mahajan (UAE), Dr Ina Singh (INDIA), Ms Vilma Da Luz Barbosa (BRAZIL), Dr Fahmida Mohamed (SRILANKA), Ms. Georgia Maneta (GREECE) and Ms Paulina (POLAND)

And the role of moderators was played by Dr Tania Simmons from the USA( International Advisor) and Dr Seema Manral Negi from India( Advisory Board Member ).

All the panellists spoke about how the learning dimensions have changed now and how they are all working towards enhancing knowledge with the help of new technologies. They through their talks expressed that instead of seeing the bad sides of Pandemic if we see the changes and opportunities that have opened for us, life would become more positive and meaningful.

Dr Pramod Mahajan mentioned Generation Z with the help of an effective presentation & how generation Z has changed the approach and face of resources. His presentation has shown the powerful tools of the FIT schools of the future. Dr Mahajan also highlighted how technology has brought changes not only in the education sector but also in various other segments, he spoke about innovations from bullock carts to modern-day high tech cars, traditional telephone instruments to modern-day smartphones.

Dr Ina Singh spoke about Global learning which previously was seen only through books but today in the pandemic it has got transformed. She also shared that social networking is now the cornerstone of global education & how these social networks are helping to connect globally and add a new paradigm in terms of communication and collaboration. Mam also mentioned that we are heading towards the future techno- friendly education but still no technology can substitute our educators and mentors.

Ms Vilma shared a beautiful teaching pedagogy to spark curiosity among the learners. The efforts she and her school have put in to improve the knowledge of their students was just awesome and speechless. She through her presentation conveyed that teaching does not stop with textual concepts, there are many more flavours that can be added to it. Mam explained how children through Global learning not only grow academically but also grow holistically as they learn about different regions, their culture, food, festivals & languages. She also mentioned that sometimes the teachers can go about discussing topics that are not from the course or syllabus as this helps to create a good healthy & interactive environment.

In the course of the conversation, Dr Fahmida shared that learning is no longer dependent on boundaries and has only expanded to the limits of learning capabilities. She also mentioned that technology has provided us flexibility in choosing our platform of learning. It gives our children the opportunity to choose from the options they aspire to pursue and focus on. In her talk mam also insisted that innovative methods need to be promoted largely to make the optimum use of the opportunities available for lifelong learning.

Ms Georgia, an English teacher shared that we need to expand our PLN and prepare ourselves for more collaborative projects. Invest our time to learn and innovate in new ways to enhance our teaching-learning process. She also expressed that Global Learning is not only helping children to adapt to the changing trends very rapidly but is also enabling them to think critically. She believes in blending teaching and learning with fun. She spoke about extending our horizons of learning, promote exchange programmes and projects, emphasis on collaborative learning and teaching through welcoming mascots from different countries, skype meets, invite parents on various platforms and encourage their active participation.

Our last speaker for the day was Ms Paulina Kazmierczak-Majdzinska who could not be physically present with us but shared her thoughts through her video presentation. Mam spoke about the tools of Global Classroom, also shared her views on flipped learning by mentioning a very nice line that “ The ways of thinking will not change until we change it “ According to mam we need to give sufficient time to our learners to respond as we may have different skin colours, religions, languages, culture but we all belong to one human race.

We also had mesmerizing performances of highly talented kids Miss. Supanida, Suparada and Master Jiratcha from Bangkok Thailand . Their performance left every single person speechless.

Dr Supriya Kumaravelan (Director), the Event Coordinator shared the vote of thanks and expressed her gratitude to all the panellists for giving their valuable time for the Positive Thoughts session.

The session opened a new chapter where all the teachers have agreed on the idea that it is time to open up yourself to a world full of opportunities

Our Founder & CEO of Positive Thoughts Dr Gaurav Sharma also expressed his gratitude to all the panellists. The session was incredible, inspiring, insightful and interesting. In the end, all the Guests, Moderators, and Event Coordinators were virtually thanked and honoured with certificates.

If you want to witness these kinds of sessions in future, please follow the Facebook page


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