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Fantico, India’s first curated celebrity NFT and fan engagement platform focus on curating assets in the fields of cinema, sports, art, music and other valuable collectables. The platform has put up digital collectables of various renowned personalities across genres. The collectors will be given access to these collectables where they can purchase them using NFTs.

Our country is known for its strong roots and rich heritage in art and culture. MF Husain was known for executing bold, vibrantly coloured narrative paintings in a modified Cubist style. He was one of the most celebrated and internationally recognised Indian artists of the 20th century and the founding members of the Bombay Progressive Artists' Group. M.F. Husain, an exceptionally talented artist and national awardee, has been associated with Indian modernism since the 1940s. During his lifetime, he was distinguished for executing bold and vibrantly coloured artworks, the horse being the most applauded one.

Abhayanand Singh, Group CEO and Co-Founder of Vistas Media Capital said, "With this first of a kind NFT launch on our platform which merges the physical and the digital world, we hope that we can bring in a new method of monetization for such creations. We are happy to have the legendary MF Husain’s collectables with us on our platform."

Below are the details of various MF Husain digital collectables that will be showcased on the platform where the audience can acquire them. These collectables are not only digital but are also backed by original physical assets, the ones showcased on the platform.


MF Husain, the legend of Indian art, has had a few themes close to his heart that form the leitmotifs of his repertoire. One of them is the Horse. The Pandharpur born artist has drawn horses in diverse mediums, in bright vibrant colour themes all across his illustrious career. This Horse artwork, a 2003 acrylic-on-canvas work, is, therefore, a part of his most popular and admired signature themes.


The photographs encapsulated three worlds - the man on the street (reality), the towering, larger-than-life dashing images of heroes and heroines of cinema (fantasy), and the endless blue sky looking down on the play of destiny.

It is a set of iconic photographs by MF Husain, in conjunction with Chester and Davida Herwitz, who built the largest collection of Modern Indian art in the United States. The photography in this series is inspired by Husain's early years as a billboard painter for Indian cinema. It presents stunning, yet playful, juxtapositions with the large glamorous cinematic images forming a backdrop to the frenetic life and crowds of the modern Indian streets.

"In different mediums, across decades, MF Husain's iconic Horse has consistently fascinated the art aficionados. Fantico as an NFT platform is privileged to create the first MF Husain NFT linked to the original artwork. This should open a sea of possibilities for the art world in the NFT space." said SMM Ausaja, Sr VP Content & Sourcing.

NFTs are permanent digital certificates of ownership that are secured and encrypted using blockchain-enabled technology. This allows buyers of such digital collectables to have permanent ownership of such assets which are enabled and secured on a blockchain. Through Fantico, NFT buyers have the options to buy outright or bid and purchase NFTs from cinema, sports, arts & music.


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