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Multi-dimensional Anshu John: Influential Innovator of 2024 at Luxurydot.PR

Anshu John, the dynamic force behind Victory Venture Talent Promotion, has been celebrated as an “Influential Innovator 2024” by Luxurydot.PR. Her multifaceted career as a model, entrepreneur, and influencer is a testament to her ambition, passion, and boundless energy. Known for her cheerful demeanor and relentless work ethic, Anshu has carved out a niche in the modeling and fashion industry.

“Influential Innovator 2024”
“Influential Innovator 2024”

Anshu’s journey is underscored by a philosophy that resonates deeply: “The secret to being successful is not just striving for perfection but continually persevering until you find the right path to improvement and excellence.” This belief has propelled her to success and made her a relatable and instantly recognizable face to many.

Her radiant personality and million-dollar smile light up the runway, whether she’s showcasing fashion, gym wear, or traditional Indian attire like sarees and lehengas. Anshu also enjoys creative projects, from face painting to intricate dress-up sessions. Her portfolio boasts collaborations with renowned brands, and she embraces every project with enthusiasm and a zest for creativity.

Anshu John “Influential Innovator 2024”
Anshu John :“Influential Innovator 2024”

In addition to her diverse modeling portfolio, Anshu has completed several high-profile projects with Luxurydot.PR. She was featured in a Met Gala-inspired shoot in 2023, for which she was also awarded on stage, followed by a portfolio shoot in 2024, and a successful Netflix Heeramandi concept photoshoot a few months back. Recently, she excelled in a concept photoshoot for luxurious cars. Due to her versatility, Luxurydot.PR honored her with the title of Influential Innovator 2024.

With many more projects in the pipeline, her collaboration with Luxurydot.PR continues to be a testament to her talent and perseverance.

Anshu’s accolades speak volumes about her influence and prowess in the modeling world. She holds titles such as “Supermodel Face of Delhi NCR,” Almighty Mrs. Gurgaon Fashion Queen-2022 (Most Adorable Smile), and Ms. Glamorous Delhi NCR – 2022 (Ms. Sensational Beauty). Balancing her modeling career with her role as a Senior Manager in an MNC, Anshu is a perfect example of women leading from the front. She thrives in environments that prioritize creativity and brings unmatched energy and passion to every project.

Luxurydot.PR has been a pivotal stepping stone for her dreams, providing a platform where she can fully utilize her talents. She approaches every project with unwavering dedication, conducting thorough research to ensure excellence in all her endeavors. Her presence at various high-profile inauguration events, including notable Page 3 ones, highlights her positive attitude and strong networking skills.

an active participant in Luxurydot.PR's curations
an active participant in Luxurydot.PR's curations

She is an active participant in Luxurydot.PR's curations, ensuring that her presence does not go unnoticed. Her passion and commitment have enabled her to achieve so much in a short span, consistently elevating the standards of the projects she undertakes. Through her work, she ensures that her association with Luxurydot.PR shines everywhere.

Anshu’s mantra, “Every day is a fashion show, your life is a runway, and the world is the audience,” encapsulates her approach to life and work. She is committed to inspiring others and creating opportunities for people to realize their dreams.

Follow Anshu as she continues to shine in the world of fashion and beyond. Her journey is a beacon of inspiration for those who dare to dream and work tirelessly to bring those dreams to life.


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