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Success Story of An International Patent with Smiraj Ramekar

Smiraj Ramekar 19 yrs old student with his younger brother Samruddha 14 yrs old from Adilabad, Telangana has received an International patent from Germany to design a device named Fog safe anti-collision system to prevent vehicular accidents on roads in foggy and sand storm climate under the able guidance and assistance of Patent Man of India Mr Ajinkya Kottawar sir [ Nagpur ] along with Dr Raju Ramekar Radiologist [parent of Smiraj and Samruddha] .

So, Team Stay Featured had quick words with Smiraj Ramekar in this way

Smiraj & Samruddha Ramkear 

1)What was the biggest challenge in this patent process? Share your feelings when you had that confirmation ?

The biggest challenge we faced was to defog the footage.

So we discussed among ourselves and came to a solution that by adjusting the brightness and contrast levels we can defog the footage to some extent, therefore increasing the visibility range of the driver.

We were quite happy with the level of visibility achieved while defogging the footage and then we eventually decided to apply it for a German patent we are excited about the grant of the patent and still we have a long road ahead to implement in every car.

2) Share about your teammates, guardian and their background

Samruddha & Smiraj ALong with Patent Man of India, Mr Ajinkya Kottawar

Our team consists of my younger brother Samruddha who completed his 8th standard, Mr Ajinkya Kottawar sir patent man of India, and my father Dr Raju Ramekar and myself.

While we were brainstorming ideas to defog the footage my younger brother Samruddha who is very good at video editing came up with an idea for the defogging of the footage and then we spoke with Ajinkya sir about the patentability of the project so we applied under the guidance of sir and eventually we received the grant.

3) Why did you choose this topic? Any memories which triggered this thought?

Actually, we watch a lot of science fiction movies and sometimes play video games like GTA V and I pointed out the problem while playing where the climate was foggy in that game, so I thought this situation arises and is very similar to practical life and decided to solve and work on it.

4) Share about your idols and takeaways

I idolize and admire my father a lot as he is the one who guided and motivated me in this patent process. He is the inspiration for my patent as he already has multiple copyrights on his name.

5) What are your hobbies?

I love to play cricket, play games and watch sci-fi and action movies

6) So, what next? Share about upcoming goals and milestones.

My next target is to spread our project to as many people as possible and to make sure that every car is equipped with our anti-collision system so that many lives can be saved on a large scale also my request to our honourable transport minister Mr.Nitin Gadkari Ji help us achieve this target

7) Any message for our readers?

My message to our readers is that always think in all directions and implement our knowledge in the practical world and not restrict the free flow of our ideas.

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