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Dr Raju Ramekar, an Adilabad-based radiologist shined 'Eduthon' along with his Son, Smiraj Ramekar

On the occasion of blissful Vasant Panchami, 5 February 2022,

20 Speakers across India joined Eduthon with a motto of Education Beyond Syllabus

The event was organized by: Win Connects Intellectual Network TM

Sponsored by: ScholarsTree Educare Private Limited

Media partner: Stay featured

Creative Partner: Arena Animation Tilak Road

Education Partner: Yoga at Chiranjiv Foundation, Palingo

Team Stay featured Interacted with Dr Raju Ramekar, who has designed a way to write the letter ‘L’ in an accurate manner to ensure correct pronunciation even while reading the consonant in the English language.

Dr Ramekar made a note if IAST and the Indian Government accept his copyrighted suggestion, the pronunciation of the sound ‘L’ shall be correct all over the world with regards to not just national but international countries as well. As even the Government of India is using the uppercase ‘ā’ while writing ‘Bhārat’ to ensure the proper pronunciation of the sound ‘aa’.

During this Dr Ramekar Responded " I really appreciate team Eduthon and their theme of " Education Beyond Syllabus ".Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share my work on this platform in front of various national and international speakers engaged in process of education".

He demonstrated about keyboard which permits the use of his copyright for designing 5 alphabets of English and 7 sounds of Indian language for translation in English.

During this talk, Dr Ramekar informed us, their children's; Smiraj and Samruddh Ramekar have applied for a European patent in Germany to prevent vehicular accidents in Foggy climates

.Before conclusion he further added

To give exact identity to the name of the person in the English language in a universal way. The personal identity of that person in English is maintained protected and preserved, as it is actually pronounced and spelt in Indian regional languages like in Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil languages.

Now I want to have awareness for the public and Government so that it could be used for Day to day purposes.

I want to convey a government message to Various State Government and Central governments to take necessary steps to implement it Issue Government Notification for Public Use and Give Directives to Software and Hardware Companies to make necessary changes in Keyboard .

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if you want to watch and cherish the memories of eduthon, click on this link


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