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"Success is not in what you have, but what you are.": Dr Kaveri Bhosle

Since our childhood, we have been having a beautiful and apt code in 'Arogyam Dhansampada' which means your health is your wealth. And to take care of this health. I am Dr Kaveri Bhosale practising medicine, promoting our ancient healing therapy and also working as a counsellor for 17 years in Nana Peth, Pune.

Thank you TZP, Sejal Ray ma'am and my family for this maa award.

My father always said, "Success is not in what you have, but what you are." My dad was a social reformer of this age. He educated my mother after marriage, made her independent, gave birth to an only child, and raised her to become a doctor and serve mankind. He inspired me to work for the less fortunate and that is how I stand here, making his dreams come true, fighting for women's social rights.

My mom, always backed my dad in all his decisions, be it education or raising an only child. Another strong pillar is my husband. He is not just a pillar but a mountain, solid support, who himself is a doctor and knows the needs of the society.

My daughter Pradnya is an inspiration to me. She was the one who insisted I participate in this award. And my patients! Of course, they are the ones who put who place their trust in me and have faith in.

And finally TZP team and Sejal Ray Ma'am for this opportunity, for this platform where ladies like us are given recognition.

This award has not only given me happiness but is also an encouragement for doing better work henceforth.

Being in this field itself gives us numerous memories that craft your mind. When as an intern, working at RH, I have seen various cases of deaths due to anaemia, snake bites, unavailability of antidotes in good quantity, and death due to multiple deliveries (to have a male child).

These all things would make me angry, not only with the society but also with myself, as I couldn't do much for them.

But when I started my practice, I had decided that social awareness regarding health, gender equality, need for education for girls would be my priority. To date, missed I have never missed a chance to counselling people regarding this.

Associated with Baidyanath, I have also organised many free medical check-up camps. I have made groups of ladies unite them, to come together and counsel on various issues and also guide them in their financial matters. Most of them work as housemaids, vegetable sellers or run some small business. This helps in their improvement in lifestyle, changes their views and become a better people. I know, it's difficult for us to change the world alone. But I am trying to give my bit.

Covid-19 waves were a difficult time for us. We could have chosen to stay that home. But my parents, and my daughter, insisted we keep on working. During those times, it has happened that I hadn't met my daughter for two months. And even when we met, we had to keep our distance between ourselves.

As I have been doing counselling, for the last 10 years, the one thing I noticed in the kids and adults alike, was a lack of communication. Communication is not something that will start all of a sudden. We have to make a habit of it. We have to talk to our children and know that they have their minds. Accept them as a different person and see how life becomes more beautiful!

And a special message for ladies: You are as important as anyone in the family. Take care of yourself!!!


Jissha Nair
Jissha Nair
Jun 10, 2022

Heartiest Congratulations 🎉Superb Dr.Kaveri such a beautiful article that mentions the beauty of all beautiful souls in and around you.

Team Stay Featured
Team Stay Featured
Oct 07, 2022
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Thank you for commenting your reply

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