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Shotokan Karate Do-Sports Association conquered Hearts with Journey: Aspiring to Inspiring Edition 2

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

We all experienced these vibes from the team of Shotokan Karate Do-Sports Association who shined with karate act and tremendous hospitality till the end for

Scholars Tree Educare Private Limited Presents Journey: Aspiring to Inspiring Edition 2

Students who made us proud on the day are Adrika Pal ,Navya Patil,Advika Patil,Lakshith Manikanta Kondragunta,Om Praveen Singh, Jainee Kanjariya,Preet Kanjariya,Vaani Couhan, Anwita Sharma, Vaibhavi Sahu(dimpi),Vedika Kirad, Kyra Khan, Khushi-Maithili Sachin Rawadkar, Tanaya Pawaskae, karan Malla, Tanvish Khairnar, Aditya Dudhane, Omkar Bhise, Arav Amit Thakur,Tanishka Pattekar

Arnav Pattekar

Every hospitality partner needs to be consistent, caring and personalized, growing a bond with your guest.

Shotokan Karate Do-Sports Association Conquered the hearts for the same

The excitement of Journey: Aspiring to Inspiring Edition 2 was at its peak on 11th September 2022 with an ideal venue Symbiosis Auditorium, Viman Nagar Pune

As a result of continuous efforts with the idea of Mrs Saravjeet Kirad, and Implementation from Mrs Shweta Pankaj the Journey-: Aspiring to Inspiring has launched on the eve of Teachers day on 4 September 2021 with the idea to give due respect to the educators who are the pillars, The backbone of the education system and the building blocks of our society who help us Lay a firm foundation of knowledge and wisdom.

this year 2022 The Complete event was Conceptualized by -: ScholarsTree Educare Private Limited, Eduthon Education Beyond Syllabus


Media Partner-: Stay Featured

Online PR Partner: Brand Maker RD

Regional news: ‘Samruddha Vyapar’

Supported by: Watersports

Special collaboration: Shotokan Karate-do sports association

"Shotokan is regarded as a dynamic martial art as it develops anaerobic, powerful techniques as well as developing speed. Initially strength and power are demonstrated instead of slower, more flowing motions, We are grateful to have an opportunity to present our taletned kids , instructors in front of such a great auidence

I hope our team work encourages you to learn self-defense, self-discipline, self-respect, respect for other people and to always, always have a positive attitude. " Said by Sagar Lokhande

The members who were honored at the time of the events are

Dr Kavita Roy , Principal , Oxford Word School

Sagar lokhande

Sushant mote

Lokesh sanigeram

Sagar Dhavle

Ganesh Waghmare

Om Sangawar

Tanmay Divekar

Sumeet Umale

Amar khalsode

Anshul Gaikwad

Ayush Singh

Akshay kamble

Along with Priya landge,Shital landge , Vedant Malve

And Winner of Zeeal India Miss Diva Award 2021 , Sonal Wakchaure,

Fitness & weight loss & gain coach Vaishnavi Punekar ,

Fitness Coach Kirti Jadhav received special felicitation from the organisers of the event

This event was here to spread awareness about the shift from factual learning to learning how to work on projects and better meet the future business environment is an issue frequently raised, providing both a challenge and an opportunity for change.

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