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Sayaji Group and Their Brilliant Leadership - Growing Stronger And Better

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Sayaji has been redefining hospitality since its inception. For them, hospitality is about making people comfortable even though they are far away from their comfort zone. From enjoyable stays and sumptuous dining options to expansive event spaces complemented by heartfelt hospitality and personalized care, Sayaji focuses on making your priorities theirs. Sayaji introduced two sub-brands, “Effotel by Sayaji” and “Enrise by Sayaji” in 2014 and 2017 respectively. The group envisions all three brands Pan India. By far, they are now operating in 9 different cities comprising 13 properties. Their presence is seen in Vadodara, Rajkot, Indore, Pune, Kolhapur, Bhopal, Raipur, Jamnagar and Nashik.

The Sayaji Group of Hotels currently has 13 existing properties and 1 convention Centre by the name ‘Amber gardens and Convention Centre.’ Along with these stunning spaces, they have 16 upcoming properties Pan India under the brands, Sayaji, Effotel by Sayaji and Enrise by Sayaji. Under the brand umbrella, they have expanded with 370 keys under Sayaji, 365 keys under Effotel, and 303 keys under Enrise. With the new properties of Sayaji in Udaipur, Morbi and Talegaon, the group made its presence stronger in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. While Effotel by Sayaji planted its roots in Satara, Dehradun, Shirval, Sangli, Pithampur and Bhopal, Enrise by Sayaji planted its roots in Nashik, Dwarka, Bhuj, Lonavla, Rewa and Aurangabad. These are just a few of the many attractive developments under the Sayaji Group.

Today, with 13 properties, the group has more than 2000 people working with them. In addition to more than 16 properties and 1000 plus keys, they will be employing another 1000-1200 people, to work under all 3 brands making the team strength a total of 3000 plus. “Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It’s leadership” and Sayaji stands true to this famous saying with their brilliant leaders coming through and growing during this pandemic. When everything seemed to have halted, Sayaji’s leaders took charge and kept going, becoming stronger and better.

Their target is to reach 50 hotels in the next 2 years with an addition of 1000 - 1200 keys per year making a commendable addition to their already impressive portfolio. The company focused majorly on development and expansion post the first wave of coronavirus.

Aiming at providing their guests with the highest quality, the best services and a memorable dining experience, Sayaji makes sure your stay with them creates wonderful memories that count for fetching stories. Appreciated for their food, they offer a wide range of cuisines at all the multi-cuisine dining outlets, taking your taste buds for a drive through delicious lanes of Indian and International cuisines. Sayaji understands that your celebrations are meant to be remembered for all the good reasons and hence, the group gets you the best venues with all the modern amenities for your seminars, weddings, conventions, meetings or party needs.

Nothing explains Sayaji’s way of life like the Banyan tree. The Banyan plays many roles during its long life. It epitomises and defines relationships we know of, and bonds that are yet to be made. In some ways, it is like the matriarch, depicting the lineage, strong roots, and an undying will of an ever-growing family. For travellers from far and wide, it provides comfort and peace in its never-ending shade, and care that only a mother can provide. Like a good old friend, it keeps your secrets, protects you, and brings solace in times of need. Just like the Banyan tree, Sayaji strives to be the heaven that every global traveller deserves. Sayaji is simply your home away from home.

Quotes from Key people:

Jameel Sayed, Director of Business Development, Sayaji Hotels Ltd.

Jameel Sayed: As the phrase goes by “Teamwork makes the Dream Work “ we strive to make it happen with all our development team together.

Saba Dhanani ,Director of Operations, Sayaji Hotels Ltd

Saba Dhanani: I believe that the most successful women are risk-takers. Rather than waiting for everything to perfectly align, I embrace my mistakes and turn them into learning experiences. Understanding the potential of the digital platform was the stepping stone my career demanded. And I've tried to embody this credo with Sayaji's leadership, especially during this tough pandemic.

Raoof Dhanani, Managing Director, Sayaji Hotels Ltd

Raoof Dhanani: I believe that for a brand to be successful, it has to resonate with the changing trends and dynamics. And Sayaji has stayed true to this philosophy through all these years. With the Coronavirus, these notions were a huge aid because today this ideology has become our reality.


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