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Know more about Dr Santhi Saravanan (SANTSAR), a versatile personality in diverse fields

Team Stay Featured is extremely grateful to the positive thoughts family and Dr Gaurav Sharma for connecting us with this versatile personality who cherish and value the journey of life.

About Dr Santhi Saravanan

Dr Santhi Saravanan, a versatile personality in diverse fields, an eminent Financial Advisor, a proficient Artist, a seasoned Musician, a prominent Poet and a sensational Writer, an outstanding Motivational Speaker and excelled in other fields as well.

- Director of Taru Financial Services by profession.

- Founder of Taru Fine Arts & Cultural Global Forum by passion.

- Skilled Financial Management Consultant.

- An eminent Financial Advisor.

- A proficient Artist, who encourages, practices and promotes cultural and various forms of arts.

- A seasoned Carnatic Musician and Veena player.

- A prominent Poet in writing English & Tamil poems.

- A sensational Writer of Blogs and content.

- An outstanding Motivational Speaker on a wide range of topics such as Art, Entrepreneurship, Life Skills, Women Empowerment and many.

I- An ardent Reader of many inspirational books.

- Excelled in a couple of Financial Management Research-oriented courses, Mutual Funds and Stock Management courses also.

- An efficient Sportsperson, who is an excellent player in Badminton.

- A fanatical Social Activist, who is involved in many social activities.

Words from the desk of Dr Santhi Saravanan

Born and brought up in Chennai, Tamilnadu on 2nd October, with lots of dreams and aspirations to empower me as a reputed, well-known personality to embark my name as a Signature in various fields. My childhood was full of great memories and my schooling was very challenging and accomplished my studies with much effort and enthusiasm. Commerce and Economics are my favourite subjects.

Outclassed as an Artist out of my passion and creativity along with nature as a friend and enjoy doing many such activities to outshine in my journey of Art and still learning new stuff every day. As a Founder of Taru Fine Arts, I explore many ways to influence more people globally, motivate them and accomplish their dreams by conducting many competitions in Art and panel discussions to enrich the knowledge of young minds as a social service with the best quality.

As an Entrepreneur and a Financial Advisor, I upgrade myself in Financial Literature studies and Financial Services by learning new derivatives and technologies to provide better financial solutions to our esteemed clients and maintaining clear Accounts through our Taru Financial Services.

I have never stopped learning and still pursuing many research journals as a Financial Planner and in Art and Culture as well and expertise in more than 11+ diverse fields, with 25+ records, 145+ awards and having more than 20 years of experience.

• Conferred with several Honorary Doctorates for my contribution in my Profession, Art and Social Activist.

• Empowered as Ambassador for my Social Activities, Art and Entrepreneur Skills Development Activities.

• Hold key positions as National Director, Tamilnadu State Chairperson and Speaker Member Toast Master, amongst many.

• I have set many World Records. I am privileged to be the proud achiever of the prestigious Orange World Record, Universal Book of Records and Future Kalams Book of Records for being the First multi-professional woman to receive most certificates, awards and recognitions in various fields.

• Top listed in the “100 Inspiring Indians” book and awarded as the “Most Inspiring Queen of the Award” for my achievements as a successful Entrepreneur and an Artist for inspiring, motivating the people who aspire to become the best Entrepreneurs and Artists.

• Awarded with “Future Kalams of India” premium award, “Change Maker” award, “Best Institute of the Year” award are to name a few in the list.

I have been guiding the college students and budding entrepreneurs as a keynote speaker for Entrepreneur skills (Commerce), Art and Culture through the guest lectures to succeed in life in several topics such as Start-up Entrepreneur, Faculty, Holistic Life, Farming and Nurture our Nature are quite a few in the list.

An expert Badminton player for about 15 years, Principal Trainer and Chief Mentor in Sports Education. Veena and instruments player, a seasoned vocal in Carnatic Music.

As a Chief Editor, I pen down my thoughts and release FINDROPS, a bimonthly magazine which talks about Financial Wisdom, Art and other aspects. I enjoy whatever I do which makes me do all these with ease and happiness and my journey is an example to all to convey that hard work never fails.

I attain this through my hard work, perseverance, support and most importantly the blessings of God, ancestors and my well-wishers. “Be Positive, Be Strong and Be Simple” is my way of living and dealing with all problems and hurdles in life and overcoming them with self-confidence. The positive thoughts and Love towards nature give me the strength to come back with more willpower and conquer the challenges.

International conferences, many journals, panel discussions are lined up in future.

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