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Principals Wellness Meet and Greet organized by EduDrone - WE CONNECT and AddressHealth

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live in."— Jim Rohn

Considering the importance of the mental, social and physical health of the school leaders and the amount of stress they go through is immense. The principal's Wellness Meet and Greet were organized by EduDrone- WE CONNECT along with health experts from AddressHealth.

It was a joyful meet and greet for school Principals to come out of their zone and know health facts revealed by Dr. Vanchana Shah, HealthAddress.

All were engaged in Health based quiz and exciting prizes were awarded. It was then followed by an interactive session wherein each principal added a lot of value and shared many secrets of their health to keep them going and happy. It also happened to be Mrs. Anita Kaul, Head, of Rims International School, and Dr. Vanchana Shah's birthday, so the meeting was even more special to celebrate their day along with all.

The event was very meticulously curated by Mrs. Kajal Chhatija and Sanjay Chhatija, Founders of EduDrone along with Dr. Vaibhav and Dr. Vanchana Shah, CBDO, AddressHealth.

It was a day to cherish and all about health and nutrition with an intent to make a healthy chain of healthy Principals, Teachers, students, and parents. EduDrone Team extends immense gratitude towards Principals for joining after their working hours and Dr.Vanchana Shah for taking the effort to conduct the session to enlighten them to live healthy life and complete the cycle of health. Thanks to Mr. Dhruv Mahajan, Manager, FML, NIBM team for making principals comfortable and special.

Happy Diwali to all.


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