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World Educators Day Awards 2022 at UK's Resort, Hosted over 70 Principals from Pune and Mumbai.

School Trustees/Principals / Directors/ Executive Directors gathered for the prestigious EDUCATORS & LEADERS AWARDS 2022 IN UK's RESORT ,KHOPOLI on SATURDAY 8TH, OCTOBER'2022 on account of World Teachers' Day proclaimed by UNESCO THEME-BEYOND THE TEXTBOOK

Being an Educator is one of the few careers that directly affect the future of our nation, and though this may be considered a cliché, the truth of the matter is that you may have a larger impact on children’s lives than some of their parents.

EDUCATORS & LEADERS AWARDS 2022 IN UK's RESORT ,KHOPOLI was all about to provide encouragement to

  • create a positive learning environment

  • demonstrate knowledge of the curriculum and subjects

  • plan and present lessons

  • assess learning and achievement

  • participate in professional development initiatives

  • sustain collegial relationships within the school

  • contribute to an extra-curricular program

The highlight of the event was the keynote address of Hon.Ms.Heather Anderson MSW, President World Genesis Foundation, and Secretary General, USFUCA UNESCO, appreciated the school leaders virtually for their contribution to the education sector and leading in crisis, and reimagining the future.

Principals Conclave was very meticulously curated by a passionate and compassionate group of educationists;


It was a very unique event, the complete event was in question-answer format, engaging leaders to elicit answers making it a Principal centric program. All the leaders were actively involved in all the sessions. The Principal's Words Worth Session along with the award ceremony was the most invigorating one.

Organizers and contributors were thankful to each school leader for showing trust and dedicating their valuable day to discussing some of the revolutionary practices presented by the organizers.


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