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Know More about "Once upon in our minds" - Story Writing Competition

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

"Once upon in our minds" - Story Writing Competition presented by AU Ridhhaan Jaiin in association with Nanhagyan foundation

Ridhhaan Jaiin invites friends to become Young Authors!

Ridhhaan Jaiin, one of the youngest authors in India, invites budding writers to participate in the story writing competition “Once Upon in Our Minds”! The competition is devised to encourage kids to express their imagination and creativity.

We know story writing is new for many children hence our creative partner Kubic Online has created special how-to videos for writing a story, identifying the key elements of a story and the importance of story writing.

Below is key information regarding the contest:

Categories - Age group of 05-08 years (399 words minimum) | Age group of 09-12 years (699 words minimum)

Language and Format - Fictional stories in English language only

Participation - Virtual only via

Last Day- 31st October 2022

Fees - A nominal fee of Rs. Fifty per story submission

Prizes - Best stories will be published internationally by Ridhhaan Jaiin, and every participant will receive a certificate.

For more information and terms and conditions, visit

At Nanhaa Gyan Foundation we have always worked to help individuals with their holistic development. And focused on their mental well-being through various workshops and services that we provide.

If you wish to contribute or get associated with them for any other causes, or activities in the future kindly connect with Rommal Surana, Founder of Nanhaa Gyan Foundation on +917709047790


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