POSITIVE CONVERSE CHAPTER-3” showcased the reality about substance use among youth

POSITIVE THOUGHTS CONSULTING & TRAINING SOLUTIONS presents the third episode of its Panel Discussion named “POSITIVE CONVERSE CHAPTER-3” on 21ST NOV,21, 6:00 PM IST through ZOOM as well as showcased on “FACEBOOK LIVE” on the official page of “POSITIVE THOUGHTS”.

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It was started by the introduction of “Dr Gaurav Sharma” who is a well known and respected Multi-Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Life Coach & Social Activist. Founder & CEO, Positive Thoughts Consulting & Training Solutions. Co-Founder, 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur, Malaysia.

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3rd session of POSITIVE CONVERSE by Positive Thoughts was an incredible, insightful, informative, interesting and houseful blockbuster session with participation from all across the globe on the topic -SUBSTANCE USE AMONG YOUTH.

This session has provided an in-depth about the stigma and assumptions about youth substance use as well as the impact on brain development, psychological, social and emotional development and risk factors. Primary and secondary prevention strategies are discussed as well as their application.

The MASTER OF CEREMONY was two dynamic ladies - Ms Neha Srivastava- Soft Skill Trainer, Story Teller, Parenting Coach, Promotion Manager of Positive Thoughts and Ms Nidhi Behl Vats- Founder of Story of Souls, PR Expert, Influencer, Story Curator, Content Strategist.

The discussion was started with the first speaker, Ms Riddhi Doshi Patel. She is a qualified Child Psychologist, 3x TEDx Speaker and Advisor to 16 TED-Ed Clubs. She is the recipient of multiple awards including the National Award and Young Entrepreneur Award. She is the Founder of LAJA. She is also a qualified Trainer and has conducted Training Programs for Corporate, Individuals, Educational Institutes and NGOs.

According to her before we talk about the subject we have to understand the reason behind consumption and why. She explained that most of the children who are constantly compared or has a broken family are the victim of substance abuse as they look for relief or temporarily solution for their situation. Sometimes they are not even accepted by their family and peer group. She quoted many examples from her experiences explaining the above point like she was being approached by a 17 years old child along with her mother, according to her mother the child has a trust issue with a family member, bad food habits don’t meet or interact with anyone from his family and stays isolated most of the time. After lots of consultation, he opened about the reason for him taking the substance and the reason behind his behaviour was his father. As he was a marathon runner and same was expected from the son and of late he was forced to participate and was expected to stand first but unfortunately in class 2nd he participate in a race and lost it when he was back home and told his father. His father replied that he was a hopeless child. This tag got associated with his upbringing till age 17 even though he was a multimillionaire and have developed two mobile apps and sold it to an IT company. He was made to believe that he is hopeless and for him the easiest way to feel better was substance. Another reason which she explained was there are times when parents say it’s ok to try and experiment with everything but actually it’s not ok explaining, she sighted an example of a 12-year-old who wanted to host a hookah party at home which alarmed the parents then they consulted him, when she spoke with the child she got to know he was consuming it from the age 9 along with her sister who was 20 years old at that point of time and into party culture. The parents had no information about it, so at last, she left us with the question to ponder as a parent that is mindful about raising our child and be enough aware or alert about our child. Then our master of the ceremony has concluded the session of Ms Riddhi raising questions about correct parenting.

The second speaker Dr Tamilarasi - Naturopathy physician and post-graduation in emergency medicine and pursuing a fellowship in clinical research gave rich insights on the impact of substance use in the youth and the solutions to address this problem. She is a supportive care Oncologist, Ozone Therapist, Chelation Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Genetic Brain Profiling Consultant, Handwriting Analyst.

She is the first Intern Doctor from Indian medicine to step into the COVID ward with an experience of touching 93487 covid lives. She has done a few types of research on covid and pregnancy, covid and food, research on Nada Yoga.

Dr Tamilarasi said Youth is the Leaders of the nation and as such there are no unresourceful people only unresourceful situations or the environment which is the major reason for the youth getting misdirected.

At 11 / 12 yrs of age, the brain goes through a process wherein it is - Use it or lose it, so when these substances enter their body it impacts their prefrontal cortex – taking them in a world of delusion and suppression.