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Palash Sen Hits 100,000 Followers on Koo

Popular Indian singer and songwriter Palash Sen, best known as the founder and frontman of India's Rock/Pop band Euphoria, has crossed 1 lakh followers on multi-language micro-blogging platform - Koo.

Thanking his fans and followers, the Indie-pop star Kooed from his handle @palashsen saying, “Just crossed 100k followers in the shortest time on Koo, while I am struggling to push out numbers on all the others, this is what happens when a platform is unbiased, has a fair algorithm and is not for SALE. This is what happens when the platform is Indian. Thankoo so much for making it happen.”

Palash Sen, who is also a qualified doctor, joined the Made-in-India expression platform earlier this year and announced his comeback with the launch of his eight albums, SALE. The 7-track spectacle comprised songs across genres, sounds, styles, emotions, and life experiences. Written at various points of time in Palash's career, each song reflects a real-life story witnessed or felt by him and the band.

About Koo:

Koo was founded in March 2020, as a multi-lingual micro-blogging platform in Indian languages and now boasts over 15 million users across India, including people of eminence. Available in multiple Indian languages, people from across different regions in India can express themselves in their mother tongue. In a country where just 10% of India speaks English, there’s a deep need for a social media platform that can deliver immersive language experiences to Indian users and help them connect. Koo provides a stage for the voices of Indians who prefer Indian languages.


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