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Not all beautiful women are models, some are Doctors: memorable day of female medical practitioners

28 January 2023, was the most memorable day for the female medical practitioners in Pune Peth Area. Leaving all the busy schedules and worries behind, the female practitioners came together with a new version, a new start, a Nayee Shuruwat.

The ladies wing of the Pune Peth Doctors Association was inaugurated on this day. All of them came together with the colourful concept of Haldikumkum. The event was inaugurated by Dr Anand Bagul Sir, Universal Hospital, Pune followed by his motivating speech.

Dr Kaveri Bhosale had taken the initiative to bind all the doctors together and hosted the event. Dr Renuka Shinde, Dr Sumedha Mahale, Dr Kavita Patil and Dr Prajapat Gaikwad strived to make the event a grand success.

Dr Kapil Jagtap, chairperson of PPDA (Pune Peth Doctors Association) congratulated all the ladies and wished them luck in their future endeavours. Dr Sanjay Gaikwad, vice chairperson of PPDA, and Dr Mrs Bagul graced the event.

Not all the ladies when coming together, talk about makeup and gossip but also discuss the patients, new cases and challenges they face in day-to-day life.

Taking care of the family, children and two times OPD is an underestimated job. One who goes through it realises it.

But these practitioners still maintain the balance gracefully.

The idea of giving a let-out to these doctors, so that they can give some time for themselves has given birth to the idea of a Ladies wing.

Under the guidance of Dr Nisha Saha and Dr N. Y Inamdar and the wonderful cooperation given by Dr Rohini Shinde, Dr Asmita Saraswat, Dr Shravani Kantak and Dr Meher Khan, the event was a success. Also, Dr Naaz from Universal hospital, Tathastu group of companies, guided the ladies with the new development in the dynamic field of the universal hospital.

To look after our health, while serving society, to educate rural women regarding health issues, to create awareness about various female teenage diseases is the main aim of this female Doctors Association


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