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Mission Majnu- India's Spy Story

We have yet another patriotic movie by Siddharth Malhotra, which is based on Nuclear Atom Bombs and a fictional cold war between India and Pakistan, which apparently turned into a mission, where Amrendar Singh aka Tarekh, is on a mission to identify and locate the preparation of nuclear bomb in Pakistan.

The story seems better and the screenplay makes us stick to our seats. We see exciting twists in the movie, which include Raman Singh aka Kumud Mishra, Aslam Usmaniya aka Sharib Hashmi, and a lead actress Nasreen played by Rashmika Mandhana.

The story is based in the late 1970s when a spy world was pretty active and the war did happen through the spies.

We see a plot where India was under the president's rule of Indira Gandhi and we had a nuclear test in Pokhran. Opposite to that, Pakistan in the thought of a nuclear test planned the things with help of China and North Korea.

Talking about characters, Siddhrath Malhotra has carried the role noteworthy. His actions, dialogues and spy mindset lets us get involved with his character more deeply. A guy with an accused case on his father decides to go on a mission, where there is less chance of returning back to India.

Rashmika Mandana's role was task worthy. Carrying self as a

blind woman throughout the film is not at all a joke. Her character is just the opposite of the main lead, with care , emotions and love.

Lets come to the screenplay and direction now. Screenplay by Aseem Arrora, Sumit Batheja, Parveez Shaikh and direction by Shantanu Bagchi, made it possible to give this film a base where it made a spy thriller.

The film is produced by Ronnie Screwvala , with the production house of RSVP movies, Guilty By Association Media LLP.

Talking about the costumes, we see the delightful costumes of Indian and Pakistani officials, which really attracts the movie.

Overall, a decent spy thriller movie, with Patriotism touch is here to entertain you on Netflix.

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