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Sherni - The Roar of Undefeated Tigress- Reviewed By Neel Deshpande

The title describes the story of the film. The story of a forest officer, facing the challenges between personal and professional life. The T12- Tigress is the main target to tranquillized.

Amit Mapuskar's direction is worth seeing and the narrative speaks complex. While the screenplay toggles between protagonists and antagonists. The battle Tigress VS Man describes the struggle to keep awake the thought of the Save Tiger movement.

The Cinematography is classic and the shots taken are fascinating. It is captured by the camera so well that some of the actions seem to be real.

The nature shots mesmerized our eyes to go deep in the beauty of nature. The close shots of insects and greenery are the chuff of "SHERNI".

In my opinion, the storyline is basic and could be improvised better to understand the real impact of " Save Tiger ". The impact of Vidya's role could have been better. Also, Sharat Saxena was the character, I feel should not have been given much importance as it looks in the picture.

The sound design looks fantastic. The forest creatures sound as well as the rustling of leaves, the shallow water flow through the forest is great to watch.

Vidya Balan played the strong role of Forest Officer. It's really remarkable, appreciable role. Keeping a soft tone, balancing between the anger and good work, her voice tones are awful to hear. Her commitment to work and also her staff supporting look decent.

Covering the jungle, some thrilling trails of tigress pawn keep reconnecting to the life of this cat family member. Ultimately, the motive of this Mapuskar's creation, to show balancing between the diversity of nature, leaves you to think of conserving forest life more seriously, is satisfied.

Overall a thriller, suspenseful and worth watching a movie. If you are a tiger-lover, you should give it a chance to entertain you.

You can have a look at the trailer with this link:

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