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Hassen Dilruba - Character at the level best with a film that has an intense premise

Thanks for the wonderful response to this column for reviewing, films and shows on OTT, our today’s pick is Taapsee’s Haseen Dilruba that is now out on Netflix. Let’s see how it is.

Not every film is easy to digest through the screenplay, or very different. But Hassen Dilruba is very illogical, and difficult to get convinced. This film shows the genre of romantic suspense, but the first 1/2 to 1 hour it's hectic to watch it. And then we get puzzled about the genre.

Whereas, the story revolves around three people, in a strangely romantic and revenge mood, with discouraging the standards of Indian Society. Usually, the writer creates a character, making changes to the character, is part of the director, but the drastic change of Tapsee Pannu here is very tough to understand.

Rani aka Tapsee Pannu's performance was weak as compared to "Thappad ".

In one moment she’s the standard Taapsee Pannu-type, and in the next, she goes stunningly off-brand and literally begs a man to accept her. It's a pure Hindi- Fiction movie. Harshawardhan Rane aka Neel,

The film starts, and Rani aka Tapsee is introduced to Virkrant Messy aka Rishu. While Vikrant Messy has done his character at the level best.

Even though Vikrant being a good actor, the script has laid down him to give his average performance.

" Neel " played by Harshwardhan Rane also disappoints at a time, where he is not as strong a character which was needed to be in this film. Making this a women-centric film, this is where all fuss takes place with this thought and this is the unprivileged part of the film.

While, a great character as a police officer is present in this film, who is Aditya Shrivastav A very experienced actor, has not only shown his acting skills but also tried to put back the film incorrect understanding. Investigation throughout the film trying to find the exact fact of why did this crime happen is an interesting journey to watch.

The whole story is based on Dinesh Pandit - "Kausli Ka Kahar".

Still making an IMDb rating of 6.9/10, it is featuring on Netflix. If you are interested in a Rom-Thrill, do watch it.

You can have a look at the trailer from the below link.


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