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Mental Health in Legal Profession: Linkedin Feed from Arunima Jha

Fear of failure and rejection. I always thought it's personal but then I came across so many courageous people who despite being vulnerable and put their stories in public. And that's being courageous for me. It's always about your self-journey and your opportunity to cleanse and heal.

Talking about mental health is always stigmatised and more so often in the legal profession. Depression and suicide rates have significantly gone higher esp. after the pandemic hit. Mental health wellness should be the most important and I believe I talking about it openly primarily because if my experience, strength and hope can help one person to break the stigma, then that person would help another one to break the stigma, so on and so forth. So it's like becoming a chain in recovery and empathy.

One person = One Life.

Back in 2008, when I had my first panic disorder attack, I was conscious about talking about it openly. This was the most stigmatised topic and being a teenager I couldn't openly express my struggle. This was so overwhelming for me that I thought I was the only one struggling. However, I came across so many articles and stories about people going through the same experience. I don't want to be intellectually dishonest while talking about my struggles.

I worked on skills, fear and treating it like a business. When I started out talking about panic disorder, I started with Facebook. Talk about a tough audience. So many people reached out to me and part of my talk helped them to share their struggles with me. I feel very privileged to have this resonating strike with my audience.

Law is about adopting a path of resistance. Law wasn't my first choice, I wanted to be a doctor but then one fine day when I was 15, surrounded by people discussing law, I thought I can be a lawyer. I have spoken at a lot of law schools and what I did find unique is the first generation lawyers who are always put under such tremendous pressure. Law makes you analytic but it's hard to be analytic when you're stressed.

You have to stay positive and self-motivating. It's more of a continuing journey and not a brightening moment.

Sometimes you have to go through the struggle to find out your calling. You can't regret your pathway.

Recognize your triggers - emotional and environmental, both. Don't lose your awareness because relapse can always happen.

Not everyone is meant to be emotionally strong, pivot, set your new path and explore how you are unique.

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