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Positive Thought's Achiever Of The Week : Dr Ina Singh

Team Stay Featured is extremely happy to feature Dr Ina Singh as an Achiever Of The Week with Proud Certificate Issued from Positive Thoughts

Dr Ina Singh was born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh who travelled to a lot of places for education due to the blessing of Almighty and due to her father’s transferable job from Delhi to Bhilai to Mumbai. She did her schooling and college from Mumbai with Post Graduation in Organic Chemistry. Always fond of teaching, joined the school in Delhi, Kanpur as a TGT Science and English Teacher.

Destiny further blessed her to work as an English Language Coach and Personality Development Trainer with NIIT, BAFEL, British Lingua, SWISS School of Languages.

The amazing journey continued and Ina Singh joined Campus to Corporate Trainer in Engineering College in Delhi NCR and from here the exciting journey took her to the beautiful world of the fast-paced corporate sector.

Always a curious individual she learned a lot and equally transferred a lot to her fellow employees. The journey became more adventurous with Teacher training added to her vertical along with Spoken English as her core area with content development in further endeavours.

She is a versatile, creative, animated, enthusiastic, motivational educator with a gifted ability to connect with people and transform their lives from ordinary to extraordinary by helping them choose their goals and lead happy life.

Meanwhile, due to amazing mentors, she upgraded her skills in Training by doing MBA in HR and Training and also got the Diploma from ISTD(The Indian Society for Training and Development) with more than 20 years of experience in campus to corporate workshops for colleges, corporate programs for various MNCs.

Ina Singh is a Certified Professional Soft Skills Trainer, English language Coach, Behavioral Teacher Trainer, Passionate Storyteller, Parenting, Mind, NLP & life Coach.

Her areas of expertise include Time Management, Stress Management, Conflict Management, Business communication & Etiquette, Leadership Skills, Presentation Dynamics, Personality Development, Goal Setting, Interpersonal Skills, Analytical Thinking, Creativity, Team Building, Interpersonal Skills, Decision making, Life skills, Relationship Management, Parenting Styles & Management, Learning through Storytelling, etc….

To balance work-life and take care of her two beautiful daughters she moved from a full-time job to a freelancer in October 2019. To continue her training passion she started with the training company “Brighterbe” which catered to Teachers training programs and workshops for schools and Parenting sessions primarily for all the parents globally and also campus to corporate programs for college students. Always a social activist by heart she worked voluntarily for many NGO's including Navjyoti India Foundation.

She always dreamt of helping the community in some way or the other and this gave birth to an NGO-Khwaab Zindagi Ke which serves the society in Women Empowerment, Environment Issues and Animal Welfare areas.

She is a firm believer in “once connected forever connected” and “people will always remember the way you made them feel rather than what you spoke to them.”

“It’s your reaction to adversity, not adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop.”

“If your heart is broken, make art with the pieces.”

She has a dream to reach and touch the lives of more than 30,000 people globally via awareness drives, pieces of training, direct & indirect help in the coming 5 years.

Also to fulfil her vision she plans to connect with 1,50, 000 people to help her in achieving her dream globally.

She is also part of many forums and organizations and enjoys learning and participating as a guest speaker and moderator and organizing events for various causes.

➢ Sports Mentor-Sports Education at

➢ Co-chair at Positive Thoughts

➢ Public Relations-General Manager & Human Resource Core Team Member at IDYM Foundation

➢ Head Administrator & Executive Advisor at Oxford Eduserve

➢ Co-ordinator at 3H Companion

➢ Honorary Member at SEAIC (Storytelling Education and Arts India Council)

➢ Honorary speaker at GRKQSF EDUTALKS

➢ Honorary Member at DEEP Parenting

➢ Honorary Member at Brain Infinity

➢ Honorary Member at American Academy of Soft skills

➢ Honorary Member at GLTS

➢ Professional Trainer at Ear to Hear

Contact No – 9873809560

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