Dr Supriya Kumaravelan shined the 14th Episode of THUNDERBOLTS in search of “What’s Your Style?

Positive Thoughts Family is a global community from PAN India and almost 40 different countries

POSITIVE THOUGHTS CONSULTING & TRAINING SOLUTIONS presented its 14th Episode of THUNDERBOLTS, on 3rd October 2021 @ 6:00 PM IST through ZOOM as well as showcased on “FACEBOOK LIVE” on the official page of “POSITIVE THOUGHTS”.

Positive Thoughts Family is a global community from PAN India and almost 40 different countries, on a mission to learn, connect, share, and bridge the gap between Brands/Organizations/Nations and will work on the Mission of Empowerment for” STRESS-FREE EDUCATION & LIFE.”

This Elite Executive community is for all the like-minded Positive People from all across the globe who want to share, Inspire, and help each other grow their successes together by empowering one another.

For the Fourteenth Episode of THUNDERBOLTS, Dr Supriya Kumaravelan was invited to speak on the vital topic “What’s Your Style??”.

The Trainer, Dr Supriya Kumaravelan is an International Communication & Leadership Coach, Soft Skills Trainer, Global Motivational & Keynote Speaker, International moderator & Social activist. She is also a Director and Advisory board member of – Positive Thoughts Consulting & Training Solutions. With over fifteen years of rich global experience in setting up, leading and managing end to end learning and organization development management, she brings extensive experience in building programs for leadership development based on business plans.

The show was hosted by Ms Jaspreet Kaur Bodhraj, a member of the Positive Thoughts family. She is an Author, Educator, Personal Development Coach and Director – Orators Squad (Convey, Deliver, Express). She began the session by enriching the fourteenth session of Thunderbolts by highlighting that the Thunders would create Wonders. She shared the information about the Positive Thoughts family highlighting the awards and accolades along with the vision. Next, she introduced Dr Gaurav Sharma, the Founder & CEO of Positive Thoughts & Co-Founder – 28 Credentials of Entrepreneurs, Malaysia. She added how he is spreading positivity and building a community of like-minded people filled with motivation and satisfaction.

Dr Supriya Kumaravelan has the expertise in providing VILT, ILT.E – based and blended learning solutions. Her facilitation and delivery capabilities include- Corporate L&OD- MDP, LDP, NLDP programs, Gamification, Career Development, ADDIE- Content Management, Mentoring & Coaching Communication & Presentations, Performance Management and Process Enhancement. She has been awarded various national and international accolades which includes Nalanda Puraskar & Aatma Nirbhar Puraskar by IDYMF, Inspirational Speaker Award by The Life Foundation, The Best World Speaker by Macedonian Association Doza Srejka, Macedonia as well as Best Golden Personality Award by Bangladesh.

She began with praising her work ‘Training’ and said she is passionate about it. She started the session with a question about the theme of the session ‘What’s Your Style’ and mentioned that everyone present in the session would be thinking about what style she is going to talk about? Would it be

Hairstyle, dressing style, living style or what style?

She unveiled that she is going to talk about the most important style which is ‘Learning Style’ and why it is important for everyone!