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Read "fashionate" journey of Instagram Influencer: - KHUSHI YADAV

"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it"
- Khushi Yadav , Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

Hello readers, welcome to Stay Featured with another profile

She is khushi yadav - 20 years old -an Instagram influencer, pursuing a B.Tech degree from CSE ( COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEERING) branch from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Her instagram page is all about fashion, lifestyle, acting with some glimpse of beauty.

She creates mainly fashion content.

Khushi started an influencer journey from the Punjabi lifestyle, her followers called her "KHUSHI PUNJABAN " because she followed the Punjabi lifestyle and punjabi beauty is an eternal part of her. She believes fashion is another form of art and an amazing way to express ourselves

I guess it’s quite an interesting story about how she became a fashion blogger on Instagram. She used to follow various bloggers on Instagram but she never thought that she can exhibit her lifestyle that much. By exhibition, she means to show her day to day routine, where she goes, what she does and what she wear.

Khushi Yadav, who is also popularly known as " its.khushii " on Instagram. Khushi is a content creator in the modelling and fashion industry. She has always been a fashion. and she has also performed as a model in "MISS ICON BHOPAL ( 2019 ) "

Khushi learned fashion styling from the Bhopal acting and modelling institute. She is lives in Bhopal and pursuing a does masters degree in fashion and modelling. The fashion influencer began her career as a fashion stylist at the advertisement of kazima cosmetics, kurkure, Rapido, uptownie, Disano, homingos, myglamm,getsymthen, rizzle, and AHMP PERFUME. Khushi enjoyed it so much that she decided to work hard towards her goal and become a fashion expert.

The college assignment became a turning point for her. Later, she started her personal blog ‘ its.khushii ' Through her personal blog, she initially documented her daily outfits and later started exploring the beauty and lifestyle industry.

Her experience helped her a lot to set up a strong presence on social media. She has a strong fanbase of 9.2K followers on Instagram making Khushi Yadav an established name on Instagram. She believes that its her audience who makes her popular on Instagram. She always makes sure to share genuine content with her viewers and connect with them at regular intervals.

            In the Frame  :  Khushi Yadav with her parents

Being kind, grateful, and always remember that her job as a digital creator is to give. Her job is to serve her audience. This is how she had grown, become stronger, and she believes this is how people achieve whatever it is they have set their heart to.

In the end, she would only like to say that - Be constant. Focus on what you really like, set small goals and enjoy every victory.

if you really liked what she said you can follow her from your Instagram account on this link.


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