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Meet Multitalented Content Creator -Neha Gupta

Hello Readers,

Thanks to stay featured for this opportunity to interact in other words.

My name is Neha Gupta. I was an assistant professor at Delhi University for 10 years but now a teacher of economics. I am a mother of two daughters and makeup is my hobby and passion. I learnt professional fewer makeup when I was teaching in college but after my second delivery since I was not able to manage everything together so I joined a school but I didn’t leave my makeup freelancing (however I started taking comparatively less makeup appointments ).

This pandemic has taught me not to give up even when I am not taking any makeup appointments I didn’t stop, I thought to utilise my social media platforms to showcase those simple and easy tips and tricks that many of you do not know- slowly and gradually brads started approaching me and I started using their products and then thought of sharing my view about the same on my Instagram and YouTube handles.

Now, I am an influencer cum makeup artist, a teacher and a mother and am really happy with all I got to help people and keep myself busy throughout !

1. Influencers as significant people in their lives and

give a lot of credence to their recommendations. How do I deal with

this responsibility and pressure?

I feel that influencers share a very important responsibility of making people aware of the brand correctly and authentically otherwise there would be no difference between advertisements and influencers on social media platforms. For me, if I don’t like the product I rather would like to pay the amount to the brand for the product they send me than promoting it on my Instagram page. I always try to use the product and then share my review about the products so that if someone is looking for some specific thing in that brand or product then they could get the same from my review.

2. I was asked by "Team Stay Featured"- Do you believe an influencer is an entrepreneur?

No, I don’t take influencers as entrepreneurs because I don’t work for money rather I believe in consumer awareness. Since I am a teacher by profession so I think that we should not take this work as a profession because with entrepreneurship comes the greediness of earning profits and influencers main goal is to help people in taking the correct buying decisions not in earning profits .

My definition of an 'influencer"

For me, anyone who is creating authentic awareness and sharing their real and authentic reviews about any brand or product or services is an influencer.

4. How I overcome the biggest failure?

As I said, I am a teacher by profession and a makeup artist by hobby along with a mother of two beautiful daughters but due to this pandemic going on since 2020 I stopped taking any appointments for makeups because I don’t want to be the carrier of this deadly virus for my kids and family. However, I continued with my online classes for school and I simultaneously started giving makeup online classes too which helped me to overcome this break.

5. Best collaborations I have done so far

Well, there are many brands which I like but to name a few I would say Kama Ayurveda, balm tree, discover pilgrim, ponds, mystique earth, maearthbotanicals, Bioderma, paxnaturals, think pot and so many.

6. Thought on goals with social media accounts

Nowadays people go behind numbers - the number of likes, comments, saves and shares but I believe if your review even helps out a single Person or is useful and helpful even for a single person then that’s actually good because the engagement will increase automatically Over a period of time.

7. Few Words for Followers and Fellow Influencers like me

At last, I would like all the influencers to make real and authentic and useful content - I don’t know why influencers show their routines and lives to people and make funny or unrelated reels just to attract more numbers - but I really would like all influencers to stick to their genre and make real content around it along with supporting their fellow influencers.

If you wish to connect with me these are my links


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