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Meet Achiever Of The Week - Dr. Dragan Jovanov, From The Republic of Macedonia

Team Stay Featured is extremely proud to declare Dr Dragan Jovanov as an Achiever Of The Week

A man with great academic achievements, experience and the epithet of innovation is now associated with us as an International Advisor of Positive Thoughts from Macedonia

Dr Dragan Jovanov was born in Macedonia. As an organizer and participant in many prestigious seminars, International conferences, forums, and public events, agronomics, academics, pieces of training, conferences, sports activities, and projects, he acquires great academic achievements, experience, and the epithet of innovation in that direction. Dr Jovanov has won many diplomas, certificates, medals, and social recognitions for his national and international achievements.

Dr Dragan Jovanov has received 8 international awards for the best young scientist and four national awards.

Dr Jovanov was a supervisor at Edith Cowan University Western Australia. He has taught at Arizona State University, the Polytechnic School of Environmental Engineering.

Dr Dragan Jovanov is a specialized phytonutritionist and herbalist. Winner of a plaque for contribution to the 60-year existence of the House of Culture Kocho Racin - Skopje, Macedonia. It has over 30 research patents for almost all health diseases.

He is the author of over sixty published International papers, and as a media recognizable person in his specialized field, he has written articles for many domestic and foreign magazines and portals.

He is the author of over 30 books. In addition to these specific works, Dr Dragan Jovanov as an expert, competent and renowned person for his specific topic, writes scientific articles for Macedonian daily newspapers and magazines. As a person who has the knowledge and who knows how to convey it properly, Jovanov was and still is an honorary guest on almost all Macedonian shows and national televisions.

Dr Dragan Jovanov cooperates with International institutes in the field of phytomedicine, phytotherapy, nutrition, ecology, agroecology, and healthy living. He is thus known and recognized as one of the best young experts in Southeast Europe for phytology, phytotherapy, phytomedicine, agroecology, and agricultural sciences and food.

Dr Dragan Jovanov teaches at both domestic and international fundamental forums and is often invited as an honorary guest with his presentation at Internationally renowned conferences on healthy living as something fundamental and basic to human existence.

Dr Jovanov actively participates in International papers and congresses in the field of phytology, phytotherapy, ecology, agribusiness, soil and water microbiology, agriculture, food, renewable energy sources, environmental resource management, agribusiness, and most of them, in addition to actively participates, as well as submits International papers.

For three years he was an assistant to the Members of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia and a member of the Institute for Parliamentary Democracy (IPD), where he participated in many seminars with foreign EU Commissioners. He also participated in seminars organized through the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning.

A person who practices it can best talk about a healthy lifestyle. Dr Dragan Jovanov played for Macedonian basketball clubs professionally and amateurly, for the University basketball team, and later was a professional coach of youth categories in Partizan Vodno Suns, Ilinden and MZT Skopje. And as a person who fights for the application of a healthy lifestyle and finding an appropriate solution, prevention and treatment of health diseases, Dr Jovanov organizes humanitarian activities that raise funds for people suffering from cancer and other serious diseases.

As a humane person who possesses organizational, social, oratory skills, communication and a positive approach in direct contact and work with people, in addition to appearing in more than 220 TV shows from a scientific point of view, he was the host of his TV show "Health from nature “.

As part of his professional experience, during his studies he was a demonstrator (volunteer) at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food in Skopje, Secretary of the Faculty of Environmental Resource Management and the Faculty of Tourism Management at MIT University in Skopje, Assistant to Faculty of Environmental Resource Management at MIT University in Skopje, where he taught several courses.

In 2017, he was elected Special Advisor for Environment and Physical Planning to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia.

In 2018, Dragan Jovanov was elected a full member of the Club of Innovative Minds at the European Academy of Sciences - Bg.

In 2020 he became a member of the Macedonian Scientific Society based in Bitola, Macedonia.

In 2020, Dragan Jovanov was elected Academician at the European Academy of Sciences.

In 2021 Dr Dragan Jovanov became a member and President of the youth of the National Association of Inventors of Macedonia - NAIM.

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The article is written by Dr Anuja Malik (Content Head of Positive Thoughts)


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