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Col. Dr Zahid Siddiquie, Sena Medal, declared as Positive Thoughts Achiever of The Week

He is the one who served the Indian Armed Forces for 38 years now Chief Advisory Officer of Positive Thoughts and presently associated as Director-General with Axis Group of Colleges, Kanpur, India.

We are here to salute his work, name is Col. Dr Zahid Siddiquie.

He was born in Maudaha, District Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. The eldest son among five children of Late Haji Mohd. Hamidullah and Hajjan Husna Bano. He was raised in Amla (M P), Jhansi, and Kanpur. Happily married and have one and only sweet daughter Zaara.

Col. Dr Mohammad Zahid Ullah Siddiquie (74 Armoured Regiment) has served the Indian Armed Forces for 38 years, While in Army he has held many staff and command appointments. He has been decorated with the gallantry award of “Sena Medal” by the President of India while fighting with militants in counter Insurgency operations in North East. He sustained bullet hits and was seriously wounded. He had been similarly decorated with many medals while operationally deployed in various sectors, be it desert, jungle or mountains. On superannuation from services on 31st December 2015, he joined the prestigious Academic Institution, Axis Group of Colleges as Director-General in Rooma, Kanpur on 01st January 2016.

After graduating from Bipin Bihari Degree College, Jhansi, he acquired his Masters in Chemistry from DAV College, Kanpur. While in service he continued to pursue his academic qualifications with great zeal and enthusiasm. He did his Masters in Business Management from Pune University, Mass Communication from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Second Masters in Defence & Strategic Studies from Gorakhpur University, Qualifies NET Examination for research and does his first PhD. On “HIV/AIDS in Indian Armed Forces, A Case Study in North East”. He got his second Honourary Doctorate of Philosophy from ITEMUL, Sau Paula, Brazil. He is a professional Motivational Speaker on Personality Development, Behavioral Modification. He is a video blogger and has more than one thousand videos on YouTube.

Col. Dr Zahid Siddiquie is a popular Author. He writes regularly in various magazines and journals. He has authored seventeen books so far. All his books have been published Internationally and are available on Amazon, Flipkart, also on Kindle for electronic readership.

He has authored the following Books –

1. Dilapidated Forts of India

2. Speed Dating

3. Animals in Islam

4. A Bachelors Handbook

5. Everything you always wanted to know about Etiquettes

6. Ethics in Sex & Marriage

7. Believers! Rise & Awake

8. Adab

9. Shistachar

10. Tolerance & Unity

11. Pleasure Woman, Life of Indian Sex worker

12. Tayaari me Hoshiyari

13. Wisdom Lies in Preparation

His book Everything you wanted to know about Etiquettes has been translated into many languages like Urdu, Hindi and has been introduced in many schools and colleges in their syllabus. He is an established cartoonist. His book A Bachelors Handbook has all the illustrations by his cartoons.

Col. Zahid Siddiquie is a keen sportsperson. He played Hockey and Basketball in Army for services. He is a keen rider, a polo player. He is a Golfer and never misses his two sets of Tennis in the morning. He writes and recites Urdu poetry and is a poet of acclaim. He is seen regularly on various platforms reading his poetry among renowned poets.

Col. Zahid Siddiquie involves himself in various social activities in association with various social clubs and organizations. He has had his own NGO – HUSNA WOMEN AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION Society since 2009, running successfully in association with PRAYATNA FOUNDATION, another NGO working in rural areas in the field of rural women and children

He can be visited in his blog, “Cavalier”

YouTube Channel –

The article is written by Dr Anuja Malik (Content Head of Positive Thoughts)


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