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Let's hear from the Judges about Mr And Miss Personality Pune 2022

The “pageant” life isn’t all that it seems. It's not just immaculate posture, impeccable skin, and perfect smiles

There is no substitute for recognization of right talent on right talent on the right platform

16th Season of "Mr. & Miss Personality Pune: Model of the Year 2022" passed his benchmark beyond ranking the physical attributes of the contestants and evolved to incorporate personality traits, intelligence, talent, and answers to judges.

The event was organized by actor, producer & grooming expert Abhyangh Kuvalekar. which brought real delegation the world about how you should look, act, speak and walk to spread positivity

Actress Pooja Purandare, National Award-winning singer Savanie Ravindrra, actor Dusshyant Wag and actor Ajit Shidhaye judged the finale of the show on 3rd March at Yashwantrao Chavan Auditorium.

After final felicitation, judges opened up with team Stay Featured in these words

Actress Pooja Purandare (for Excellence in Television)

"An artist always feels overwhelmed when appreciated, but the joy is doubled when you get in a city like Pune, which is our cultural capital. What makes it even more special is being given by my own people. I felt really overwhelmed after receiving my first award. It will always hold a special place in my heart so thank you for this precious moment Abhyangh".

Actor Dusshyant Wag (for Excellence in Films, TV and OTT)

"It was a great experience to judge Mr. and Miss Personality Pune Pageant. I was totally amazed at the talent who participated in the competition. The efforts 'Abhyangh's School of Model Training' has invested in grooming participants are also commendable.

I am pleased to receive the 'Excellence in TV, Movies and OTT' award. It is very heart-warming when your work gets recognised. However, nothing is possible without a strong family support system. I would like to dedicate this award to my family.

I take this opportunity to thank Abhyangh for inviting me to be associated with 'Mr. and Miss Personality Pune' Pageant.

Actor Ajit Shidhaye (for Excellence in Films).

"An award, is an award, is an award, especially when it is your first one! This special moment came for me when i was recently invited as a judge for the 'Mr. n Miss Personality Pune' contest. A wonderful event hosted by the founder Abhyangh Kuvalekar. Was a pleasure to meet some amazing co-judges and the evening was an enchanting one with the top finalists putting their best foot forward! I sincerely thank the event organizers for inviting me to this show and also presenting me the award for 'Excellence in Films'! I congratulate all the participants and the winners and wish them many more successful milestones ahead. Thanks, Abhyangh and the whole event team."

National Award-winning singer: Savaniee Ravindrra (for Excellence in Music)

"I feel honoured to receive the excellence award at Mr And Miss Personality Pune This always feels so special when your dear friend appreciates your work and felicitates you on such a great platform..really means a lot! Thank you for this honour"!

Team Stay Featured wishes a bright future for the upcoming seasons of Mr. & Miss Personality Pune.

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