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16th Season of "Mr. & Miss Personality Pune : Model of the Year 2022" rocked like always

It might be difficult to articulate the power of style and fashion through words, but the 16th Season of "Mr. & Miss Personality Pune: Model of the Year 2022" managed to do so and to live by.

The 16th Season of the most popular pageant "Mr. & Miss Personality Pune: Model of the Year 2022" rocked like always. Actress Pooja Purandare, National Award-winning singer Savani Ravindra, actor Dushyant Wagh and actor Ajit Shidhaye judged the finale of the show on 3rd March at Yashwantrao Chavan Auditorium in Pune. From more than 1000 entries 18 contestants were selected and trained for 10 days for the pageant.

The winners were as follows...

Most Glamourous Model of the year - Mansi Kawade,

Most Fit Model of the year - Aakash Kamble,

Most Groomed Model of the year - Sunny Hasurkar,

Best Face of the year - Kiran Chaudhary,

Best Model of the year - Aditi Dixit,

Mr Personality Pune & Most Talented Model of the year - Pranav Pimpalkar,

Miss Personality Pune - Ruchi Jail,

Best Print Model of the year - Aishwarya Potdar,

Social Media Influencer of the year - Dipak Shinde,

Most Promising Model of the year - Sarvesh Mehendale and

Best Ramp Model of the year - Vishrut Kshirsagar.

The event started with a beautiful musical tribute given to Lata Mangeshkar. "Excellence Awards" were also bestowed upon actors Dushyant Wagh, Pooja Purandare, Ajit Shidhaye and singer Savaniee Ravindra at the occasion.

The event was organized by actor, producer & grooming expert Abhyangh Kuvalekar.

Finalists were groomed at Abhyangh's School Of Model Training. Contestants were styled by Amruta Kakatkar, and the finale was anchored by Nitish Kamdar.

In the 21st century, we live in a world of fashion. Everybody wants to be a smart one that is how different fashions of dresses and hairstyles come to the minds of human beings.

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