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Singing sensation and Ace Painter Soumita Saha shared her thoughts on Aparjita Awards 2022

Team Eduthon writing this to express our sincere gratitude to our readers for making the Aprajita Awards season 1 possible. We were thrilled and deeply appreciative of your support.

Eduthon Education Beyond Syllabus organised Aparjita Awards 2022 Edition 1, the virtual event took place on the prestigious occasion of Women's Day. They awarded women from various fields to celebrate their success and accomplishment in their respective fraternity.

Team Eduthon in collaboration with Win connect organised this event along with Scholarstree Educare as a Communication partner, Palingo Official as a trophy partner they took the internet saying "We are proud to select and honour these Aprajita's from various fields, expertise, life experiences on coming women's day."

Singing sensation and Ace Painter Soumita Saha who received 'Aprajita - Woman of the Year' for her contribution in the field of Performing Arts added " I feel honoured to have received this recognition. I am happier because the recognition of 'Aprajita' - the undefeated means a lot having gone through the covid phase. Lack of work, frustration and the graph of industry proceeding towards negativity side of the y-axis forced many people in the perfothe rming arts industry to leave the field. I think I represent all those artists who didn't leave the war field. "

Soumita is known for her contribution to the field of Music and performing arts. Soumita dedicated her award to her mother. She also added, " My mother is the real undefeated soldier who raised me to finally become one."

Soumita Saha started her journey with Edm music the success of her debut album game her immense fame. Her experiments bridged the gap between traditional and modern arrangements used in Tagore Music her contribution to the field of Tagore Music is praised worthy. The young Singing diva added a gem more to the crown of her accomplishments having launched her record label 'Melo Tunes'. The theme Music for Her Solo Exhibition " Shyama " has been composed by the singing Diva herself.

Soumita's Artwork is widely appreciated amongst art lovers and curators across the nation.

You can follow her on Instagram account with this link:

If you missed this interesting live session, don't worry you can watch it on this link


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