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‘Khanak’ begins with RJ Manisha Kanthalia

On the occasion of this World Women's Day, aspiring writer Shiddat introduced her new initiative ‘Khanak - The Women Warrior' was presented by ‘Dil ki baatein – Shiddat se' and announced about her upcoming book.

Radio jockey, poetess and artist Manisha Kanthalia was invited as the chief guest for the first story of this program and to guide and motivate the women warriors.

The program was held on 6 March 2022 at 8 pm and was broadcast via Instagram Live. The program was started by the producer and anchor of the program Writer Shiddat in her unique style. The agenda was communicated to the audience along with the aims and objectives of the ‘Khanak’.

Women who faced difficulties and had been through the struggle for whatever achievements have been made in their lives in adverse circumstances but their story has remained unheard from the world, by bringing such stories in front of the world, with the aim of giving the right guidance to women empowerment, this motive of the program made a respectful place for khanak in audience heart.

After this, guest Manisha Kanthaliya was welcomed on board. At the beginning of the program, the audience was impressed by the introduction of a guest poetess and radio jokey Manisha’s journey from India to (Kenya) and her hard work, success and struggle appreciated by the audience. Simultaneously, a lot of information was given to the audience about the platform she is associated with named ‘Jazbat Ruhani' and its upcoming new dimensions Dhanak and Udaan. Guest Manisha Kanthaliya invited and encouraged many artists from the audience to join this platform.

Host and producer of event writer Shiddat had introduced the guest and admired her work as, “RJ Manisha is that daughter of India, who is not only connected with the soil, art, culture and language of India but even after living abroad she has created small India in Kenya by cultivating Indian art by various events”. The audience was impressed by listening to her.

In the first phase of the program, Rj Manisha won the hearts of the audience by giving effective answers to interesting questions asked by the host and writer Shiddat on women and their sufferings.

In this episode, the importance of Women's Day and women empowerment were discussed. RJ Manisha gave a new perspective to the audience by giving interesting answers to interesting questions asked on gender equality.

In the meantime, the questions and ideas asked by the audience had witnessed interest and love of the audience for the program.

At the end of the first episode, this special and exciting poem 'Ahilya' written and recited by guest poetess, RJ Manisha Kanthaliya made the audience emotional about the suffering and injustice being done to women and everyone praised and appreciated it.

The second half of this program was also very interesting and exciting. In the second phase, questions on changes related to women's life and social thinking were asked by the program's host and writer Shiddat.

RJ Manisha answered all the questions asked in clear and strong words, also she exposed and highlighted many aspects related to women empowerment, women entrepreneurs and sex education in front of the audience.

At the end of the second episode, RJ Manisha praised this program and its purpose by showing support and best wishes for Khanak.

In the last few moments of the program, RJ Manisha responded to the interesting rapid fire asked by Host Shiddat, the audience was mesmerized by the musical poem written and composed by RJ Manisha at the end of the program.

Director Chandrakant Hire, Writer Prachetan Potdar, Cop Dattatraya Mali and many renowned artists attended and appreciated the program as an active audience throughout this event.

The program also received a lot of affection and love from friends and family.

Updates and news of this event have been covered by media partner ‘Stay featured'.

The entire event was sponsored and powered by the Social Management and Renovation Team (SMART).

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