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Know More about "Cherry Pie" Influencer "Simran Gugnani"

Simran Gugnani , by passion. Through blogging she able to reach a lot of people and passion for blogging. She has chosen the name "cherry pie" because no matter how old you are what style you have you should always have the ability to pose yourself confidently in front of this world. Simran worked with brands like American eagle, coco and eve,kazo, shahanaz Husain etc. This is the really good thing about her work that she can work from anywhere. she just needs her phone and a calm mind.

"At the age of 13 years, I got a dressing sense so I wear trendy and fashionable clothes. And I have hobbies like singing, acting and playing badminton. "Simran Gugnani shared about her hobbies and interests.

Simran always been interested in fashion and believe everyone is. People love to style themselves. Fashion is all about finding your own self to create your style which is truly you. Nowadays, fashion is a part of daily life everyone wants to look good. It feels really good that she can express herself and the fact we have built a strong immunity sharing the love of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She is very active on Instagram and loved experimenting with style.

She likes to wear clothes of all types and think beyond the basics because there are no boundaries of fashion. Her journey started about 2 years ago when she realised that I could connect to people through social media and content. She was quite lucky to be recognised by brands pretty earlier in her career. She attended her first fashion event within a month of starting her own blog and got her first collaboration within 2 months. she truly believes all that was possible due to the hard work and effort that she has made into reviews .

Consistency and hard work always require good results. Blogging requires a lot of time, effort and money. Hence, follow if you are passionate about it. there is a lot of competition these days so try and find a niche that makes you stand out.
- Simran Gugnani, Blogger / Influencer

Simran loves working with great quality brands It becomes much easier as an influencer to promote them. her objective is to collaborate with good Indian and international brands and create good content. She enjoying her work and looking forward to more campaigns. She has covered fashion, lifestyle and travel in a good way in these years and now gets into luxury as well. She wants to see herself emerging as the top blogger in travel as well.

Team "Stay Featured " Wishes her great milestones in future.

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