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Know More about Dr R K Das

He is a passionate and magically life-changing inspiration for everyone. He wrote a beautiful quote during a pandemic. "Tough life and tough times never last in time, what lasts is how tough you are in your mind."

He is none other than Dr R K Das.

Dr RK Das is the founder and chairman of the Global RK Quotes Speakers Forum and Managing director of RKDx TALKS. Being a former Principal achieved the height of success and was also awarded as Best Edu leader by CED/GTEF India.

A firm believer in bringing a new wave of inspirational quotes and a motivational short videos that has caused miraculous results in the quality & performance of people’s lives.

Dr RK Das is among the best inspirational speakers in the industry, as he inspires and lights up the enthusiasm level of positive thinking. He is a passionate and magically life-changing inspiration for everyone.

He is a critically acclaimed Inspirational Author because of his original quotes.

As he is better known, has taken the world by storm, with his creative style and high-energy messages. His words continue to inspire me during the most difficult days of the Pandemic.

Through a significant social media presence and his recent short reels and Motivational videos have become a global phenomenon!

Dr RK Das is an epitome of a Journey toward motivating people is the perfect example of his quotes,

"You are free to select any path, but you're not free from the outcome of your choice".

"Better things come to those who believe in themselves, best things to those who have patience and the excellent things come to those who never give up"

"The happiest moment in life is when you have the courage to let it go when someone hurts you"


1. Don't be the same, be better than you are

2. Find a purpose through good deeds

3. Learn to love yourself so that you can love your family

4. Never stop being real because of a fake person

5. Life is rough you need to be tough

Dr RK Das 5 sure shots for Success

1. Don't waste your time by doing anything, make the best of it

2. Keep moving & live in the present and slowly work your way into the future.

3. Have faith in yourself and don't end up meeting such people who discourage you

4. Build high self-esteem, and feel good about yourself

5. Be satisfied & take pride in what you do

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