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"Her courage was her CROWN: Kriti Shetty

"Her courage was her CROWN and she wore like a QUEEN"

Yes, I believe in this saying cause it's courage in yourself which makes you believe in yourself and move forward to face the challenges. What the world sees is the sugar-coated version of a person's life but the journey of the person is no less than a roller-coaster ride.

The word " Fashion world" is so classy and trendy but darling it's not so simple as we think. Today would like the share my journey from a simple non-fashionable woman who never had any sense of fashion to winning the woman Mrs.universe lovely title at the 44th world final Mrs.universe.

Born and brought in Mangalore the coastal land of Karnataka where it has given India many international pageantry winners. Completed education in accounting and management field and always interested in sports. Always had a dream of representing my country at the international level but never happened.

Life went on as all the girls got married and got a baby end of careers and dreams but for me, the fairy tale started after my child's birth. I gained a lot of weight after delivery and my extended family started calling me by so many names fatso, daitya, rakshasi, Ghar kana sab khatam hogaya Sirf iskelye and so on and on. Faced a lot of humiliation, and insults and even went through depression but today if am standing it's the support and encouragement of my son. The only person who trusted me believed in me and changed me into who I am today. The 2year old made sure I did my workouts every day and even accompanied me to the fitness class and who worked out with me. After that did my certified fitness training courses and got certified.

After this comes a new chapter in life "The Pageantry World" where I did my first debut and won the title of Mrs.confident Pune pride and then was not look back after that participated in ME AND MOM with my little one and we won the show with a lot of appreciation and even today my mentors give my example when they train new models. Then it went winner Mrs India and then came another turning point during the covid time the MRS.UNIVERSE. Yes it's exciting right even I felt the same happiness but back in my mind, it was like why me.

Discussed with my husband and then he was like if you want to then go for it. He even said it's a rare opportunity to grab it. I said yes and then again a new journey started. It was not less than war yes I fought with myself financially, mentally, and emotionally everything and the only person who saw all my phases and who constantly supported me was my son my hero. I had to pay a huge amount and during covid times everyone faced financial problems so do I. But my director or the company didn't wait or understand me I was stuck all alone with my son and was not able to contact my husband cause he was stuck in lockdown but they never understood they only wanted me to pay the fee.

I still remember my little one wiping my tears and giving all his 5 piggy banks and saying Mumma gives this money don't cry you're my super strong Mumma. Somehow managed and cleared everything and started working hard from fitness to grooming myself and proudly and confidently represented my country with the title Mrs.universe Central Pacific Asia. When the big day arrives was super excited about the event started with shopping packing and then comes another hurdle my son was hospitalized, my husband had to travel in an emergency, and the national costume was not ready till the eve of travelling and a few of my gowns.

The so-called designers who claim them to be the top most after paying a huge amount and a balance of 10000 was pending and she called the dress back which she sent at night 2p.m even after requesting her for 2days of time to clear that amount as I was going through a lot of things but finally made give in written documents that will pay her at 2 pm that day then she gave the dress even after giving her continue business since years. Finally travelled to my dream destination and reached Seoul South Korea where we had to get done with the covid test and unfortunately my report was intermediate. I would like to quote "

Indians are the real enemy of Indians" Yes u heard it right a group of Indians from the competition went and pleaded with the organizers to remove me from the competition and mentally and emotionally who troubled me and on the other side the other countries delegated stood with said you're fine just get the test done again and ur fine. And all thanks to God my second test report was negative then I was back with a bang where I performed every level with courage and confidence and reached the finale and came back home proudly with the title "MRS.UNIVERSE LOVELY ".

Even today people say it's not possible to handle everything at the same time wrong if want to achieve no one can stop you. From handling family, national and international fitness batches, job, attending practices, studies of my child, his skating classes and his competition, and doing all the household single-handed and even grooming the new budding model to Mrs.universe it's all my hard work and the support of my family and friends and of course trolls of haters for what am standing today. And am also posted as the director of "THE NICHE INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE ".So if I can do it and even you can do just trust yourself.

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