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MultiFit Gym makes Father’s Day Celebrations a special one for you and your dad!

Being a father can be a thankless job, and while everyone looks for fun and exciting ways to make this day a special one for their dads, MultiFit is all geared up to make it a memorable one for all the fathers out there! This Father’s Day, MultiFit is offering a month-long free membership gift card for the fathers of all our members. The voucher applies to all MultiFit branches across the country. So, no matter where you or your dad reside, he can make the most of this opportunity. You can help him either kickstart his fitness journey or gift him this voucher and have him enjoy the perks of this offer!

MultiFit Offers a month-long free membership gift card for fathers this father’s day.

1 month's membership gift card includes:

  • · Functional Training

  • · Strength & General Training

  • · Fitness Assessment & Body Composition Analysis

  • · Personal Training on a trial basis

  • · Nutrition Counselling

  • · MultiFit Sports club membership

  • · Fun Activities

In addition, the gym is also hosting an array of fun-filled activities, inviting all fathers to participate and indulge in a few in-gym activities to lighten up the day.

The in-gym activities include games such as ‘Stack attack’, where players have a minute to stack 12 cups in a pyramid, take them down one at a time and then stack them back. If the pyramid tower collapses, they must start over and finish within a minute. Another activity planned is the ‘Human Ring Toss’ which involves one player serving as the post, and the rest of their team will try to throw the loops around them. The team that gets the most rings around their partner wins. This session will also include other games such as ‘Junk in Trunk’ and ‘Don’t Touch the Ground’.

The pandemic surely has been an eye-opener of how important it is to keep your health in check. So, this Father’s day, help your dad begin his fitness journey by gifting him the MultiFit gym card and cheering him on as he steps towards a life of health and wellness. As for the dads who are already a member of this wellness club, you can have a blast with all the fun-filled gym activities rolled out just for you!

Whether it is learning to ride a bicycle, or bike, picking you up when you feel defeated, or cheering you on your first big break, dads are the anchor that we all need, and they are there whenever we reach out to them. Celebrate this day with MultiFit and make your Father’s Day celebrations memorable!


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