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GetfitwithAnagha -featuring Prajakta Nagle /Dr Namrata Shah

The name itself states everything, hi I am Anaggha Rane a Fitness and Wellness Coach. Past three years I am following a healthy active lifestyle. I started as a customer in the year 2018, I joined this community for my stamina and to lose some weight. Just by following some clean eating habits, working on my routine, having portion control meals and having an accurate amount of nutrition, initially in 10 days, I saw amazing changes in myself and my stamina also improved. I continued the same and within 5 months, I lost amazing 9 kgs of fat and gained muscles.

Looking at my transformation I started guiding people and helping them follow a healthy active lifestyle. In the past three years, I have helped many such families and fellow members get amazing results. Here's sharing with you a few stories,

Prajakta Nagle

Prajakta Nagle connected to me through Facebook, she was extremely frustrated with the excess weight she had tried almost everything and was even trying to conceive. But due to ti her sedentary lifestyle she was facing many challenges, she took up 3 months challenge and followed whatever was told, she worked on her meals, and water intake and mainly started having early dinner and just by following this, she lost amazing 11 kgs of fat and today she is even blessed with a lovey boy who is 1.5 years old. Her transformation was a big inspiration to those who face challenges due to wrong habits and lifestyles.

Dr Namrata Shah:

By profession, she is a consultant homoeopath and a mother of two kids. Post-pregnancy her weight started increasing along with that she started suffering from lots of health challenges. Being in the health industry she knew everything but she was a foodaholic. She did exercises but was of no use. She got introduced to our online concept during a pandemic she is from Jaipur, she took 21days challenge and with proper nutrition, eating all my favourite food, taking care of portion control, changing timings and btw adapting all other healthy habits she lost an amazing 12kgs in 3 months. She is following this habit regularly for the past 2 years. Nthe ow helping others also to reach their health goals, being a doctor she made sure to work on herself first and then decided to spread the same to all.

If you want to Get fit with Anagha Feel free to connect with her on Social Media


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