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Featured Children's: Jay Krunal Shah

My name is Jay Krunal Shah, I'm just 8 years of age, I'm studying in 3rd std, I'm coming from small village Bakrol in Anand district of Gujarat state. I'm very much interested in sports games Like Cricket, and basketball when I'm 04 years old, My Parents plays a major role in my life, they have always motivated and encourage me to be the best version of myself regardless of how vast the situation is.

I'm from the middle class, my journey in the sports field started when I was just 4 years old, my father encouraged me for playing cricket and basketball games, and I started playing cricket with my father and when I was just 6 years old I participated in best fast bowler competition organized by Comtex sports, Mumbai, and I won my first prize, then after I won many medals and certificate, my Mom always carrying me, she always helps in my education, my mom is the best mom in the world.

My grandparents have always seen me as a ray of hope, their presence always makes me feel grateful for both of them in my life, my best friend Keyan, and bhavya didi always support me, My role model is My Father, what I am today just because of my Father

Awards details are as follows

1) Won T-Shirts for best fast bowler sub junior competition organized by omtex sports, Mumbai.

2) Secured 12 th rank in Standing broad jump in U11 State level championship

3) Secured 1st Position in athletic field in District level tournament

4) selected in badminton camp organized by Sports Authority of Gujarat

Krunal Shah ( Father of Jay shah)

As a Father I saw his interest in the sports field and his ability to play sports games like cricket and basketball etc when he just 04 years he plays cricket with season ball, So as a sports person I wish my son to play cricket or basketball games and wish to represent India, Grandparents always help to me in every situation, they give me chocolate for appreciating my sports and education fieldwork,

My Father always told me you are a born fighter so you can manage both Education and the Sports field.

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