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Featured By Stay Featured : Pradnya Bhosale , Girl Striving for "Behetar Kal Ke Liye"

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step."

These words spoken by Lao Tzu couldn't have been more accurate.

Hola! I'm Pradnya Bhosale, age 16 with an eager-to-do-more personality. As an author at the age of 12, I feel as if my life has always been full of adventure. My journey in writing started at a very young age. It is never too early to start, is what I believe in and that helped shape me into who I am today. Early on, I used to read Panchatantra tales and comic books just like every kid. But my mind hungered for more literature. I started reading longer books from my favourite author:- Enid Blyton. They transported me into an entirely new universe that existed only in those pages. Call me a nerd, but I would prefer reading over watching movies any day.

This passion of mine helped me express myself while writing a travelogue at the age of 12. '12 Days in America' has been one of the greatest achievements of my life so far. And as a feather on top, I also earned the title of 'Youngest to write a Travelogue in India' by India Book of Records and 'Grandmaster' by Asia Book of records.

My mother is a very creative person and believes that one should always try on different things in life. Not for the sake of winning, but for the sake of trying. Because of this, I was always enthusiastic about participating in various competitions and other activities. My father, on the other hand, is a strict believer in seeing a task through to completion and if doing it then do it right. He preaches this by leading by example and that is why I always try my best in everything.

Along with reading, I also love to paint. It's not only a hobby for me... It's a means of relaxation. A type of meditation for me. Whenever I need to relax my thoughts, I turn towards painting. It's astonishing how continuous practice can make you excel in something you didn't even think you could do. By now, I have received many awards in this field, the notable ones being:

• Prize for standing first in 35 schools in the E-Waste drawing competition.

• Awarded for being selected in the top 50 Best Drawings of Maharashtra by the petroleum ministry of India.

• Standing First amongst 25 schools for drawing on topic: My India in 2050.

Films are one the best types of entertainment in the world. And after getting introduced to the world of cinematography and production in FTII, I couldn't keep myself away from it any longer. Be it on-screen or behind the camera, the mechanics behind it are all so fascinating to unravel. Not only that, but films have a huge influence on people. And I thought... Why not try to be an influencer in my way? And so I started my own YouTube channel, "Pradnya Bhosale Creations."

I release short films based on social issues on that platform. Entertainment with a bit of socio-awareness is what I aim to seek through this. My mom is a doctor and I've been going with her to her OPD since I was six months old. Needless to say, I've seen a lot of day-to-day issues people go through. Hence, I've become socially aware at a young age.

My first ever shortfilm "Behetar Kal Ke Liye" won the 'Best Student Shortfilm' in the Five Birds International Shortfilm Festival. It was a message to the parents to give time to their kids. And not just the working parents but also the others who unintentionally neglect their children and the effects it has on the child. I also won the 'Best Short film award in the Trimurti Shortfilm Festival and 'Best Film shot on Mobile' for the movie 'We Shall Overcome!' which was about the Covid-19 Pandemic. The speciality of this film was that it was shot by everyone in their respective homes, following the rules and norms of the pandemic.

I was also very blessed to have got the opportunity to interview Miss Ravina More, the founder of Tahaan NGO and a really lovely person. I like to post videos that will benefit the society and spread awareness among people. The video was regarding the rapid climate change that we're going through and the effect it has on the natural environment.

Dance is one of my other passions. I've been a Kathak classical dancer for over 10 years and will soon be completing my diploma in it. But just as we like variety in our food, I like variety in my dance as well. Bollywood and Hip-Hop add in as spices to my mix of Kathak and Semi-Classical or Freestyle is the product formed. I have won a variety of awards for dance, namely:-

• I was the winner of the Artitude Dance Competition that was purely classical.

• I also won the 'Bollywood Dance Competition' organised by SR Studio for teens.

• Won the Talent Mela round and was awarded for the 'Best Dance.'

I strive to work hard to dispel the notion that one can only have either beauty or brains. Academics has been a strong point in my family over the generations and I mean to follow their legacy. My grandfather, who was a head boy in his time was so very proud of me when I was made head girl. Standing first in class every year since Jr.Kg has filled me with the competitiveness that I can't get rid of. I aim to be perfect in my work and have received fruits in the form of prizes:

• I have been giving Olympiad Exams since std.1st and have received up to 21 medals in all.

• I was awarded on a national level by 'Jignyasa Agastya Science Foundation' for giving the 'Best Presentation on Gender Equality

• I've been a Merit Holder at Scholarship exam held by Govt. of Maharashtra.

• Had been awarded as the shining star award (Maharashtra) under the 'All Rounder' category by TZP Organisation...

A few months ago, I gave my std.10th exam and passed with 93%. Only excelling in academics was never our aim. I participated in many activities even during my class 10th. I realised people looked up honestly, I didn't. I feel so blessed that I can inspire people. It was a proud moment for us when I was invited as a guest lecturer at the RIT College of Diploma, Pune to share my journey as an author at a young age.

My journey so far was only possible because of the amazing group of friends and family that always had my back. I feel grateful for every one of them.

Once while giving an interview, I was asked what I wanted to become when I grew old, and hat my goal was. To be honest, I didn't have a solid answer at the time. But what I knew in my heart was that whatever I became, the thing I wanted most was to contribute to the society in one way or the other. Being exposed to people's problems and being socially aware, made up my mind to be a contributing factor to that society. Be someone that would make society proud.

My message to the readers and especially the young generation would be to Live your life to the fullest. Don't let any opportunity slip from your hands and don't limit yourself. The world is far greater than one can imagine. Embrace it, cherish it.

Thank you!

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