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Featured By Stay Featured : Shreyas Talpade

As per your continuous Request , We are glad to share this conversation from our film expert & writer Neel Deshpande with famous actor Mr Shreyas Talpade. Here are the highlights for our readers

1. Any Upcoming projects under Affluence Movies?

Answer: We are working on some scripts which are yet to be finalized. But soon the news will be out.

2. Which was your best role in past films you think?

Answer: KON PRAVIN TAMBE is the most satisfying character for me as an actor because it is a biopic of someone's life, a sports biopic, a cricketer. It was challenging for me to portray his character, the life he lived, and his struggles, which I think was a great part to show, and yes I think I gave my best in this film.

3. Hearing about KON PRAVIN TAMBE? The film, how was your experience and what do you take from this film?

Answer: Lot of things, like the line in the film says, that Age is just a number and also the fact that if you are focused on your goal then you will be successful one day.

4. The audience is eagerly waiting for the next GOLMAAL series, when can we see it in theatres?

Answer: We are also waiting for that. Because we love to be part of it. We are waiting for our captain Rohit Shetty to let us know when he is planning the next one.

5. Looking at the roles you played earlier, again what is your dream role? Have you played it or you are looking forward to it?

Answer: I have. it's KON PRAVIN TAMBE. Because it has many factors, an actor would love to portray it on screen. So I think it is important to portray a character that turns out to be a dream role for everyone including an actor.

6. Share your experience of the upcoming Marathi film APADI THAPDI, and also work with one of Marathi’s fine actresses Mukta Barve and actor Sandeep Pathak.

Answer: Ya it's a beautiful little film. It's about relationships and what a person can do to save relationships, and both are phenomenal actors, and it's great to share the screen with these lovely people. They have done many roles in many films, and we all are proud to do this film.

7. If budgeting is kept aside, what do you feel is a major difference between a Bollywood Movie and a Marathi Movie?

Answer: No. Budget is the only difference. I don't feel any difference beyond that, because Marathi film budget constraints are forced to do it in a particular way, but if Marathi films get higher budgets, they can do a lot more. I think more than budget it is passion and intensity to make a film and that doesn't come with any kind of budget. Thanks to Marathi films we get in limited sources and budgets, because of the passion of filmmakers.

8. Seeing you in the comedy genre, do you look forward to playing a negative role as in “Setters “again in any of the upcoming projects if offered?

Answer: Yes. I do. I look forward to playing a negative character. Because for an actor, it is important to explore and keep playing different genres and roles to keep fresh momentum. So yes, I look forward to that.

9. Share your experience working in a Marathi Daily Soap

Answer: I am loving it. I think it's a great subject, a great team, a very knowledgeable director, and a serial is a hit. The love we get from fans. I am so glad that I decided to do daily soap again for Zee Marathi for Majhi Tujhi Reshimgath

10. How did you keep yourself motivated in Lockdown?

Answer: I think there was nothing to do about it. Nature took over and we had to quietly sit back. Yes, there were difficult times and we hope this never happens again in the future. But certain things are bound to happen and we should have the patience to let them subside. And then we came with Nine Raasa. It is important how we utilize our time and that particular thing in life.

11. Who did you look up to for your inspiration while starting your career?

Answer: There were many. I have always admired Mr Amitabh Bachchan's work. He is always hungry to perform better and better. Similarly, there are a lot of Marathi actors too. The thing which I believe is do good work, so good work fetches you. I am particularly impressed by a play called " KARAR " in Marathi, which turned things for me, and I decided to like this in the future. At every stage, there is someone whose work inspired us in many ways to get up and do something better.

12. Share about your family supporting you when you decided to be a full-time actor?

Answer: Very important. Because somewhere mentally you tend to relax knowing that family is supporting you, in whatever you do. Having said that, it doesn't happen every time. Keep believing in what you are doing, and eventually family does support you.

13. Key message to young ones, who wants to join films as an artist.

Answer: Just be focused. Just be focused on whatever you want to do, in any platforms of industry like acting, direction, etc. Just be ready to learn in every situation. Give 100% and success is yours.

14. Share your experience of Voice Over in Hindi for the Pushpa movie.

Answer: It was quite unbelievable, and was fascinated to see such a response. I gave it my best shot and I am glad it worked. I would also love to try again of such kind in the future.


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