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And Still, I Had These Dreams - can make you soar or make you weep

Team Stay Featured would like to confess this is not a regular review about" And Still, I Had These Dreams"

We would like to bring some points and a collection of Acknowledgements for an Author Ann Christine Tabaka.

And Still, I Had These Dreams - A poetry collection by an Author Ann Christine Tabaka who has been nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize in Poetry, winner of Spillwords Press 2020 Publication of the Year (Poetic).

Ann Christine Tabaka is almost succesful keep you in the loop of Lingering Doubts,an "Entrenched" experience of Summer's Fallen memories with Whispered Prayer of Becoming who you are".

"The Past Falls Away ", "First Step - Transformation" is the real example of learning lessons for you as a poet, Because it's always important to have "Self'-Talk" as a storyteller before putting your lines over the paper and. have a hidden narration without uttering a word- That's the real success or feel of the book you can say.

As per the review of one reader Lms Roberts, 'This book is suffused with melancholy, with meditations on death and loss, pain and anxiety, that only a mature poet can offer"

As per Sharon Frame Gay, "Going Away" is a poem of determination and healing, and the beautiful "What Color Is The Wind".

This is a must-have for all who love poetry as she takes you on a gentle ride through her soul."

As per famous author and Publisher Steve Carr,

A plastic bird becomes a reminder of a loving marriage in “Yard Kitsch.” A plant has never been so forlorn as the one in “My Garden.” She takes us with her on a trip, familiar to most of us, to the “Coffee Shop.” A sparrow becomes a symbol of longing and regret in “Going Away.” “A Popcorn Afternoon” is an unstated ode to that simplest of pleasure, the popcorn kernel. Those are just a few of the examples in which Christine stirs our emotions not just with what we hear in her words, but what we see through her observations. For those of us who are fans of her work, and there are many of us, And Still, I Had These Dreams also has poems that reach into your chest and make your heart stop beating for a moment because of their raw emotion.

In short, this book is a real idea of " read the world carefully, knowing that not everything will be translated for us", that's why it's worth grabbing a copy of "And Still, I Had These Dreams"

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