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‘Embossoming Dusk ‘ shines Charukala's Exhibition

Charukala is not just a catchy word. It is indispensably related to performing arts.

A group of young artists from Bengal enlightens Altamira Art Gallery having taken the oath of keeping the culture alive. The Exhibition consists of a bunch of marvellous Photography and Art from artists if different age group. Ace Artist Soumita Saha's Art also gets displayed at the same Exhibition.

Soumita's famous creation 'aberrant ' gets displayed, yet the flag bearer of spring 'Embossoming Dusk ' attracts attention from the viewers. The spectators confused Embossoming dusk as a piece of Photography first and later understand how perfection speaks louder than the lens. The grand inauguration ceremony was conducted in presence of Maestro Mallar Ghosh, his wife and eminent elocutionist Mallika Ghosh, Danceu and Law Professional Sayantani Ghosh Megh , eminent Theatre Personality Amit Sarkar.

The Photography section consists of some equally good photographs from Sreekanya Bhattacharya, Samir Das, Anirban Saha and Arnab Mukherjee. Arnab Mukherjee's Work on black and white was indeed a masterpiece titled" Water of Refinement".

Soumita's work has been Exhibited at Kolkata's ace art galleries as well as Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. Her work did not remain confined within the country but reached Portland's Artreach Gallery as well.

Soumita who is currently busy working on a few film projects and EDM projects also revealed that she is completely running out of time composing for TVCs. The administrative body of Charu Kala consists of Enthusiastic youngsters namely Sreekanya Bhattacharya, Rajdip Das, Mayukh Bhattacharya, artist and Mentor Sumanta Bhoumik.


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