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Ear To Hear by Richa Mehta - Celebrating one year of Social Initiative, making an impact worldwide


An initiative for women, by women

An initiative about mental health and its awareness

An initiative by Richa Mehta

E - Effective, A- Awareness, R- Relax - tuning to - H - Happiness, E - Empathy, A- Again R- Rebound.

These seven words are just complete to share the one-year journey of "Ear to Hear", as it tells that we have been a platform that has earned the attention of people for not only being on social media but being associated with creating an impact in people’s life by allowing them to talk, share their thoughts, lead and most importantly – to be heard. We have given people an opportunity to rethink life’s perspective and live better.

If we see this one-year journey, we believe we as a platform, as a connecting chord has grown in leaps and bounds. Everyone has started their journey with one common goal to help people rebound with proper mental state.

We have ensured to address the most crucial topics which have touched the lives of various people with the expert guidance of our founder, Ms Richa Mehta. She founded this initiative on 1st January 2021 with the thought of helping womanhood and allowing them to fight negative mental states. With more than 1200+ online/offline sessions successfully conducted and 30+ core team members, her initiative is embarking on a journey unmatched. The numbers are growing with a vision to reach all states of the country and to have a representation globally.

In this journey of one year, while talking and connecting to people we have realised the true sense of a famous saying, "Duniya mai Kitna gum hai, par apna gum to Kitna kum hai". Today all members of the team share one common story of evolving which is not just physical but emotional and mental.

Recently, the Ear to Hear team conducted a food distribution drive in Delhi and distributed numerous food packets to the needy on the streets. Alongside, it has also raised funds for different groups who were not able to meet and fulfil their necessities/amenities. Ear to Hear team also brainstormed and laid out a 12-month planner with a Dr lot of activities in the coming year.

Some of our proud core team members, Founder: - Richa Mehta, who is also the brand ambassador of Positive Thoughts, National Advisor:- Dr Madhvi Borse, State Ambassador: - Kinjal Shah, Regional Leaders: - Shilpa Panwar, Madhu Sharma, Geeta Ahuja, Sheeba Vinay, Shilpi Upadhyay, Regional influencers: - Avneet Kaur, Dr Sakeena Naidu, Sandhya Tangri Dabas, Shoma Chhaterjee, Counsellors: - Dr Shafali Gupta, Deepa Malhotra, Healer: - Poonam Upadhyay, Advisor: - Dr Prachi Beriwala, Neha Srivastava, L&D Head: - Shayanti Roy, Professional Trainer:- Ina Singh, Legal Advisor:- Devika Chohan, Interns:- Supriya Hansda and Yashvi Komal Shah.

Wish to be part of the Ear To Hear team mail us your profile at


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