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Eduthon was an eye-opener for youth : Mr Aashish Rathi

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

On the occasion of blissful Vasant Panchami, 5 February 2022,

20 Speakers across India joined Eduthon with a motto of Education Beyond Syllabus

The event was organized by: Win Connects Intellectual Network TM

Sponsored by: ScholarsTree Educare Private Limited

Media partner: Stay featured

Creative Partner: Arena Animation Tilak Road

Education Partner: Yoga at Chiranjiv Foundation, Palingo

During this interaction, the audience witnessed valuable lessons about "Education Beyond Syllabus " from Mr Aashish Rathi

Mr Aashish Rathi is the Director at Chiranjeev Studios which is a content creation studio in the field of animation, VFX and graphic design. Mr Aashish Rathi is a computer science graduate from Pune University and holds a Masters degree in Information Technology from IIIT - Pune. He comes with a rich experience of 16t year's in the field of training, consultation and running a Production House. He is an active member of the PYC club and is a part of their cricket team, has been Vice President of Chapter in BNI, which is the world's largest networking organization, part of a Committee Trust called Maheshwari Vidya prachalak Mandal that recognizes upcoming students in the field of Academics. Playing sports to learn team spirit and reading books to enhance his knowledge is something he does in his time other than his work. His motto of life is continuous education and creating more and more job opportunities for his students in the field of AVGC.

Chiranjeev studio has worked on VFX for various Bollywood and Hollywood projects like Manikarnika, Housefull 4, TV commercial Ad's and Ad films and more. His studio has also designed 3D characters for a US-based game which was made during the last US elections, and a short film on Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar.

He is also the Director of Arena Animation Tilak Road branch which is the oldest and one of the most respected training academies in the city. More than 10000 students have studied from their academy and are working in studios like Trace VFX, Prime Focus, Ajay Devgann promoted NY VFXwaala, Shahrukh Khan founded Red Chillies entertainment, Canada based Motion Pictures, Amazon, Pune based Philim CGI to name a few. The year-end goal of their institute is to make 500 placements in the field of VFX and Animation.

Mr Rathi Opened up with these words

"Eduthon was an eye-opener for youth. Different experienced qualified speakers were invited, who were enlightened on different topics, Flip learning, Animation, Vfx, Sports etc. and it has given the message that education is a continuous learning process one has to always upgrade skills, along with formal education.

Things are changing very fast, so we have to have a backup plan 2 for career options and one has to keep mentally and physically and develop an integrated personality. "

"Today the AVGC industry is one of the fastest-growing segments. With the introduction of OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar and many more, content creation are at its highest. As a result of this, there is a huge requirement of professionals who can work as Animators, VFX artists, Graphic Designer, Game Designer, Layout artists. "

if you want to watch and cherish the memories of eduthon, click on this link

About Arena Animation, Tilak Road : Arena Animation Tilak Road is the Animation, Graphic designing, VFX & Multimedia education arm of Aptech Ltd. Over the past 24 years, Arena Animation has successfully trained more than 4,50,000 students through its career-oriented course in Animation & VFX, with Arena Animation Tilak Road branch being the oldest in Pune, Started in 1997. Supporting the cause of value-based education ranging from Graphics programs to Animation, including VFX, Gaming, VR & AR etc.

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