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Being Social - with Sensational Subhaiu Sadhukhan

Who am I?

Hello people, this is Subhaiu Sadhukhan, I am a Model, a Social Media Influencer and a student. Currently, I am in my final year and pursuing English Honours from The Heritage College, Kolkata. I am working as a mental health ambassador who spreads awareness regarding Mental Health. Fashion has been something that keeps me going and my style quotient would be comfort and chic. I don’t like to go with the trend as I always wanted to be exceptional, I always speak and stand up against injustice, making me someone who has a limited number of friends and dear ones.

Being a ‘dusky’ guy, I love to spread positivity in terms of skin colour. Apart from all of these, I love to sketch and cooking is my favourite hobby. I also make Vlogs on YouTube . I have worked with many brands but my favourites are Pantaloons, Shubhanka Creations, Cooks Magic Masala and AvantGarde. As an influencer, I have collaborated with different brands such as Absolute Barbecues, Flame and grill etc: which definitely helped me to put on some weight, hahaha.

My favourite collaboration with a Brand would be Absolute Barbecue India, I mean due to them, I got to eat different types of meat and seafood which you won’t get anywhere else

‘’ If people say you can’t do it, then do it twice and click a picture ‘’ - this has been my motto for life.

Being an influencer I feel that it's a huge responsibility on our shoulders, we should always take steps correctly so that we can help out others who are in need of it.

Absolutely, we Influencers are self-made brands, not all of us get the required fame in the starting days, we all have to take risks as well.

‘As you sow, So shall you reap ‘ - Bible

For me, Influencers are people whom we can look up to as a guide. He/ She is not the teacher but the entire syllabus.

I always thought whenever I failed that I am not good enough but now I know that failures are the stepping stones to success.

.Each of our social media accounts should have the goal of how it could benefit others before us and, success is something when people love and adore you

My Stand against Racism

Racism- using slurs such as ‘ Tu to kaala hai’ is something that can break a person both mentally and emotionally. It’s high time guys, we live in the 21st Century, nothing of these matter to us. Now, let’s spread positivity.

Social Media- a platform where one can be anything he/she feels like without any boundaries.

On this "Thank You" note.

Lastly, I want to thank "Stay Featured ", my followers for loving me and liking my content, if I could achieve whatever I wanted then everyone can and the most important thing is don’t let others define you, you know what you are, just we have to be the better version of ourselves.


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