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Meet Positive Thoughts Achiever of The Week – Dr Seema Negi

Team Stay Featured is feeling proud to introduce you to a Global Goodwill Ambassador, Director Principal of Sanjeevani World School and a Life coach – Dr Seema Negi.

She is also the Academic Head of Positive Thoughts Consulting & Training Solutions.

The destiny of the nation is groomed in its classroom.

Each child is a new canvas and we as educators need to create a masterpiece.

We need to awaken minds, Nurture vision and Craft Dreams...

We as educators are “Dedicated to preparing the future”......

As a social being make a positive difference in others lives to make this planet a beautiful place to live.

Dr Seema Negi, who comes from the lineage of the Indian Air Force, is a passionate educator. She has worked with some of the reputed schools and presently she is Principal of Sanjeevani World School, Dahisar, Mumbai. Dr Seema discovered her love and zest towards education when she realised that her desire revolves around the development of the nation.

Being a visionary, Dr Seema Negi’s leadership has always been dynamic and passionate. She has prevailed in the field of education for more than two decades; hence she believes she was destined to be a teacher. Currently, she is the Principal of Sanjeevani World School. She is the epitome of sheer dedication and hard work. As a team player herself, she has always believed in transformational leadership. With a great sense of pride, she empowers her team members on how a balance can be maintained between technology-driven, value-based education. What makes her different is her down to earth approach, she believes in; let’s do it rather than do it.

She firmly believes she has a legacy to leave behind, a legacy in the form of successful students, who are an asset to society; a holistic being. As an educator & mentor, she willingly embraces the responsibility to prepare students not just for academic pursuit, but for life.

Her plans include educating the youth of the country and guiding them on the right path. She wants to do all she can to support literacy and her fellow acquaintances who are trying to better the country, better the system. She plans on pouring her heart and soul into teaching and educating young minds so that they are ready for whatever the future holds.

She firmly believes that technology is the game-changer in the education sector and keeping pace with technology empowers you to prepare yourself and your learners for a better tomorrow. She believes technology will not replace teachers but will empower them with infinite skills to enhance the teaching-learning process.

She is associated with many educational and social organisations and contributes her time and efforts for the betterment of the educational system and society. Her passion and thirst for learning and knowledge make her who she is today. She believes that every individual has something special about them whether visible or not. Having confidence in your art and leaving a place for no self-doubt makes a person self-made. She is bestowed with many prestigious awards; Best Academic Leader, Bharat Vidya Shiromani, Jewel of India, Shiksha Bharti, Nari Shakti, Nation Builder Award from Rotary, Visionary Leader, Pride of India, Educational Icon 2018, Woman of Substance, Super Achiever Award, Humanity Award, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Professional Excellence Award, ATULYA VIDYA RATAN SAMMAN,2021, Pillar of India Award, Global Gandhi Peace Award Dr Sarojini Naidu - The Nightingale of India International Award for working women, Swami Vivekananda Changemaker Award, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan International Award of honour, Shri Dada Saheb Phalke International Award Film Foundation for selfless work during covid times, Peace & Human Rights Award, 2021 & Global Youth Leadership Award 2021, by Honorable Vice President of Nepal Shri. Nanda Bahadur Pun, for her humble efforts and contribution towards education, society, humanity and peace. She is a true leader, she leads by example hence she is the EXAMPLE, for many to follow.

She has won the prestigious title of Education Icon – Education Queen 2018, Ms Role Model 2018, in an exclusive pageant only for educationists.

Her work is recognised by WORLD BOOK OF RECORD UK in personal and professional categories.

She has conducted more than 500 webinars in the 18 months of the pandemic and reached to 1.5 lacs audience. Her efforts were recognised by The Great Indian Books of Records.

Awarded with ASIAN WORLD RECORDS for presenting 20 months of pandemic’s roller coaster ride in 12 hours from April 20 to November 21.


The entire journey is documented as the DIGITAL FOOTPRINTS & achieved ASIAN WORLD RECORDS for the efforts.

She attends various conferences, events & summits as a speaker, moderator & panellist at national & International platforms. Learning, sharing, empowering and hand-holding is what she believes in and she contributes a considerable amount of time for the same.

Let’s take a deep dive into her Educational & Professional Qualifications -

She has done Bachelors in Sociology and Bachelor in Education. She is Masters in Sociology and a master in Education too. Dr Negi has done Post Graduate Diploma in Education, M Phil in Education, PhD. in Education and D. Lit in Education as well. She is a Life Coach and has done Leading Change from Harvard Business School.

Associations – Dr Negi is associated with many National and International Organisations Worldwide.

1. Coordinator for SAARC Nations Regional Committee for Global Youth Parliament.

2. Secretary-General from India for Global Talk Education

3. A proud Rotarian and Social Ambassador for Indian Development Foundation

4. Advisor for Sports Academy Association of India

5. Territory Head for Association for Primary Education & Research.

6. Chief Mentor Officer with Buddle Learning

7. Chief Coordinating Officer for Harvest Education Transformational Services.

8. Associate Academic Director for Hema Foundation.

Associated with many social & educational organisations worldwide.

Empowering people through a perfect balance of curricular and co-curricular based learning & making a better tomorrow is what she desires to give back to society.

What makes her stand out as an exceptional leader is her devotion to social responsibilities. She has voluntarily offered her services and spends her valuable time lovingly with the underprivileged, homeless and senior citizens. She is a member of the Rotary Club of Mumbai West Coast and Social Ambassador of the Indian Development Foundation. She stands by the maxim “I am because WE are”.

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