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Bach Therapy - Miracle in a bottle - by Rakshaa Chhabriaa

"Disease is a result of the disharmony between the personality and the soul."  - Dr. Edward Bach

Most medical illnesses and diseases are rooted in emotional imbalances developed over time or bad habits or unconscious patterns we have learnt , adapted , conditioned or built during childhood or adolescence .

Bach Remedies  are catalysts for different types of emotional mental and physical disturbances associated with physical illnesses and diseases.

To improve health, there are many general formulas we have for your healing that can be applied to painful or soar points to overcome pain, sleep issues , stress and anxiety plus treat different physical ailments and diseases which everyone can suffer at different times in their life.

However, my opinion that it is always the best practice to get a personalized treatment and get a unique formula and plan created specifically for treating your particular case and in relation to the different types of symptoms and stress that could be impacting and affecting your mental and emotional health.

In a personalised consultation,in order to get the maximum benefit from the Bach Flower Remedies, we study and understand personal life situations , your bio individual responses and feelings and then a treatment plan is designed, implemented, monitored , reviewed and evaluated over time.

Examples of life stressors and situations which symptoms can be treated with Bach Flower Therapy at all ages - infants , children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens :

1. Hyperactivity and concentration problems 

2. Generalized anxiety.

3. Social/Emotional issues.

4. Chronic stress.

5. Personality problems.

6. Depression / lack of interest in life.

7. Phobias and panic attacks (fears of flight, driving, or others).

8. High sensitivity.

9. Professional, work or career exhaustion.

10. Performance anxiety.

11. Mood swings.

12. Loss of appetite and other eating related conditions.

13. Burn out

14. Divorce/separations/adjustments (e.g. separation anxiety).

15. Bullying at school or job.

16. Baby blues , post partum depression

17. Bedwetting.

18. Transition to Menopause.

19. Pre-menstrual syndrome.

20. Lack of vital energy.

21. Broken heartness or lovesickness.

22. Puberty problems.

23. Low libido and sexual problems.

24. Lack of self-confidence.

Examples of few physical diseases that have their roots in emotional and psychological states and Bach therapy miraculously balances these emotional imbalances :

1. High blood pressure.

2. Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic pain and Fibromyalgia.

3. Allergies.

4. Sleeping problems.

5. Ulcers.

6. Chronic Acne.

7. Breathing problems.

8. Acute back pains, Sciatica .

9. Sexual impotence

10. Varicose veins, Restless Leg Syndrome

11. Auto Immune

13. Digesting and Eating Disorders

14. Herpes

15. Acute asthma

16. Migraines

17. IBS and Gut Issues

18. Diabetes (research validating Bach Flower remedies efficacy)

19. Headaches

20. Chronic constipation

The key to the system is selecting a mix on an individual basis and personalising remedies best suited to your lifestyle .

When reasons to stress are different and bio individual - how can the remedies be same ?

Get The Persoanlised Guidance And Help That You Most Need !


Heal so you have perfect health and Hapiness in your life .

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