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Auto Immune Diseases - An Imbalance of Energy in the Body . :Rakshaa Chhabriaa

Auto immune disease is mostly a Women’s disease with a strong emotional energy connection .

What No Medical School teaches you , What No Doctors tell you :

“Each of us is a profound, electro magnetic persona vibrating at our own individual frequency “.

We are all energy matters and beings

continuously absorbing energy around us - positive and negative both .

We receive energy into our physical and subtle bodies in our mind and heart .

We are all living beings with unlimited potential . Depending on our frequency - we possess the power to change our vibrational energies at any time so we can alter our experiences in the outside world .

Bach Flower Remedies are tinctures from flowers that directly affect our subtle and energy centres and nervous systems and hence bodies.

Dr. Edward Bach created them to specifically treat the nuances of the feelings, attitudes, intentions, thoughts and personalities and bring alignment of outside ( what we see ) with the inside ( subtle energy we cannot see ) .

With the powerful and miraculous Bach Flower Remedies, you can heal the temporary sick identities and open pathways to eternal light and love and possibilities .

In this process , as you alleviate to a higher frequency of love and acceptance - some of your chronic issues and diseases vanish .

Your energy levels and health are amazing .

Some people are not fully aware that they are sensitive - having ventured down different unsuitable paths and deviated into relationships that keep them away from their innate nature of love and spiritual cores that exist within each human .

In such cases, healing with Bach Flower Remedies can be miraculously transformative.

We are energy beings . At our core - we have energy centres running across our bodies .

According to ancient Chinese medicine - correcting the energy meridian corrects the body energy systems and hence makes you perfectly healthy and balanced .

In Indian system , we call them chakras . Any imbalance in the chakras causes the body to move from “Ease “ into “ Disease “ .

The emotions most prevalent in case of an auto immune are people pleasing , putting others before self , suppressed feelings , not able to stand up for self , fear of rejection , guilt and anger towards self .

The entire theory of the energy medicine and healing is a change in beliefs , habits, attitudes at the level of mindset change channelising through the body first .

Emotions are automatically adjusted to suit the new mindset .

When the disease is created it’s always inside out . The disease inside is prevalent much before it shows in the medical reports .

Then when we want to change this being from outside also we start at the subtle level behaving and making those very changes from the beliefs, attitude and behaviour level .

We achieve the subtle changes starting with the way we speak , act and behave , believe so we can achieve the reality of perfect health which was in line with harmony and happiness .

In a true sense of eradication of trauma , rising to respect our higher beings and living in accordance to our higher selves by making these atomic habit changes , eradicating the hibernating mindset and bringing our own mind and body to actual life and state of “Ease “ from “Disease “ .

We develop a “ mentality” as per the conditioning and socio economic backgrounds during growing up . But when such mindsets take us away from our heart energy into a state of war with our own selves that is the birth of an “Auto Immune” .

We need spirituality + health to come together and in congruence to a state of love and be there continuously .

The emotional body has to be child like in its true comfortable state , only then the body is at “ease “ and not “ dis - ease “ .

The negative emotional states if ignored for long , alarm us with discomfort first and then of non acceptance of things .

And this very resistance to something of acceptance is something to be worked upon as it suggests emotions that are deeply buried in the energy centres of the body .

Some emotions that tend to remain in our energy centres are grief due to loss of a loved one , sadness, anger , fear and phobias , trauma , etc .

These were not part of our innate being but came along with life’s experiences and remained in there . We were somehow not able to process them correctly and release them from our body .

These stuck energies of emotions eventually become triggers and control our behaviours in negative outbursts . They are only finding a way to be released and be free . But we are tightly holding on to them .

They hence become a part of us and still not a part of our true self .

They are only mirroring the suppression and turmoil within us .

Symptoms like joint stiffness , inflammation headaches , cramps , pain , timors and lumps , heart palpitations and many more are only a way of body screaming of emotional pain and discomfort within .

Auto immune hereby is a war with your own inner self . Your own immune cells attacking your own organs.

I end this with food for thought for you - what food have you fed your emotional and energy body with ?

We have the power to change the inner diet to see the results outside.

No medicine alone

outwardly can do this. Our body’s intelligence has this power . We only have to work in tandem and support it with mindset and at the energy level .

Bach remedies help us make changes at this subtle energy level .

Health is the congruence of mind , body and soul .

Please do come connect with us to start your healing journey

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